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Holgart chathead.png

Holgart can be found north of Witchaven near Caroline and Jeb, just outside of Caroline's house, and he sails the player to and from the Fishing Platform prior to the completion of Slug Menace after the player has helped him by repairing his boat with swamp paste. If players start The Slug Menace quest, he will no longer take them to the Fishing Platform as he is replaced by the sea slug-controlled Jeb since Mayor Hobb confiscated Holgart's boat and gave it to Jeb. As Holgart's skill is only sailing, he laments that he "don't know what to do without his boat".

Throughout the entire Sea Slug quest series, he is one of the few remaining villagers of Witchaven who is not possessed by sea slugs.


  • Holgart can be seen standing on a small island to the south-west of Entrana, even after the completion of Sea Slug.