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#REDIRECT[[Twisted bow]]
{{Infobox non-player character
| name = Holgart
| image = [[File:Holgart.png|100px]]
| quest =[[Sea Slug]]<br />[[The Slug Menace]]
| location = [[Witchaven]]
| shop = No
| features = Sails players to and from the [[Fishing Platform]] during the [[Sea Slug]] quest.
| race = [[Human]]
| gender = Male
| examine = A very good sailor.
|release = 9 September [[2002]]|update = Sea Slug Quest|members = Yes}}
[[File:Holgart chathead.png|left]]
'''Holgart''' can be found north of [[Witchaven]] near [[Caroline]] and [[Jeb]], just outside of Caroline's house, and he sails the player to and from the [[Fishing Platform]] prior to the completion of [[Slug Menace]] after the player has helped him by repairing his boat with [[swamp paste]]. If players start [[The Slug Menace]] [[quest]], he will no longer take them to the [[Fishing Platform]] as he is replaced by the [[sea slug]]-controlled [[Jeb]] since [[Mayor Hobb]] confiscated Holgart's boat and gave it to Jeb. As Holgart's skill is only sailing, he laments that he "don't know what to do without his boat".
Throughout the entire [[Sea Slug]] quest series, he is one of the few remaining villagers of [[Witchaven]] who is not possessed by sea slugs.
*Holgart can be seen standing on a small island to the south-west of [[Entrana]], even after the completion of [[Sea Slug]].
{{Sea Slug}}
{{The Slug Menace}}

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