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This article is about the item. For the quest, see Holy Grail.

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The holy grail is a quest item, and the main objective is to retrieve it during the Holy Grail quest. It lies on a table that is located on the third floor of the east side of Fisher King's castle in the Fisher Realm.

During the quest, King Arthur informs you that it has just passed between dimensions into RuneScape. Should you choose to accept the quest and retrieve the Holy grail, you must travel to the Fisher Realm.

If you try to take it before it's time, you will receive a message saying that you're not worthy of it. Its only use is to finish the quest by speaking to King Arthur while it is in your possession.

Having one holy grail in the inventory and trying to take another gives the message: You feel that taking more than one Holy Grail might be greedy...

The Holy grail is also used in the King's Ransom quest.


  • In modern context, the Holy Grail is supposedly the cup that was used by Jesus of Nazareth during the last supper. It is said to hold miraculous powers and, in some of the legends of King Arthur, the Grail is the object of Arthur's quest, or the other Knights of the Round Table's quest.