Honest Jimmy chathead

Honest Jimmy is a NPC that resides outside the Trouble Brewing minigame. He trades items for Pieces of eight which are rewarded from Trouble Brewing.

Honest Jimmy can be contacted with the NPC Contact Lunar spell. Honest Jimmy can tell you how many players are currently waiting in the lobby for that world as well as how much time until the next game of Trouble Brewing starts. If you cast the spell while standing right next to him, he will tell you he doesn't have time to deal with you.

Honest Jimmy's Shop

Item Price (in PoE)
Rum (Trouble Brewing) 20
Naval shirt 1,000
Tricorn hat 500
Navy slacks 1,000
Cutthroat flag 2,000
Guilded smile flag 2,000
Bronze fist flag 3,000
Lucky shot flag 4,000
Treasure flag 5,000
Phasmatys flag 6,000
The stuff 50
Clue scroll 5,000


  • Honest Jimmy is one of the few NPCs who provides the option to buy a Clue scroll without having to actually kill anything to obtain one, along with Big Mo.

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