Honour points are a figurative currency used by Barbarians at the Barbarian Outpost to sell various armour, weapons, and Barbarian Assault role level upgrades. They are not a physical item, but rather an idea or reputation that a player can receive through defeating waves of Penance in Barbarian Assault. They can be checked by talking to Commander Comrad at the Barbarian Outpost. After each wave is complete, the player will receive a number of Honour points based on their team's performance in battle. The team members will be presented with an interface indicating the amount of points awarded to the individual and to which role, the player will also have the choice to level up in that role if he or she has the required amount of points to do so. After completion of the 10th wave you will receive 80 points in your current role and 5 in the others. Upon completing the 10th wave you will be automatically reset to wave 1.

The maximum number of honour points a player can have at once is 5,000 points per role.

See Barbarian assault rewards for a full list of what they can be used to buy.

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