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Hop seeds are used to grow hops in hops patches in the Farming skill, or placed in a Bird House in the Hunter Skill. The hops harvested can be used to make different types of beers and ales in Cooking. They are planted in a hop patch by using four hop seeds (or three for Jute seed). Hops should be watered frequently with a watering can until fully grown.

Harvests vary between 3 and 46 hops and is done with a spade in the player's inventory. After a patch has been harvested, it is cleared for re-planting. Hops are susceptible to disease which will always kill crops unless cured.

List of hop seeds

Level Seed Protection Growth time [1] Experience Cost Uses
Farmer Plant Harvest Total
3 Barley seed 5.png
Barley seed
4×10 mins 8.5 9.5 103.5 1 Raw ingredient for brewing
4 Hammerstone seed 5.png
Hammerstone seed
4×10 mins 9 10 109 1 Dwarven stout ingredient
8 Asgarnian seed 5.png
Asgarnian seed
Empty sack.png
Onions×1 [2]
5×10 mins 10.9 12 130.9 2 Asgarnian ale ingredient
13 Jute seed 5.png
Jute seed
Barley malt.png
Barley malt×6
5×10 mins 13 14.5 158 2
16 Yanillian seed 5.png
Yanillian seed
Tomatoes×1 [3]
6×10 mins 14.5 16 174.5 3
21 Krandorian seed 5.png
Krandorian seed
Empty sack.png
Cabbages×1 [2]
7×10 mins 17.5 19.5 212.5 2 Dragon bitter ingredient
28 Wildblood seed 5.png
Wildblood seed
8×10 mins 23 26 283 53 Slayer's respite ingredient
  1. N×10 mins means the crop will grow a little and can be watered again for each 10 minutes. This happens N times until it is fully grown.
  2. 2.0 2.1 All sacks required must be filled with 10 harvests.
  3. All baskets required must be filled with 5 harvests.