Hopleez chathead

Hopleez is an NPC who can be found east of the Hosidius Vinery. He is wielding a red chinchompa, and is wearing a white unicorn mask, amulet of fury (or), rangers' tunic, infinity gloves, black d'hide chaps, and flippers.

His name is a play on the phrase "hop please", which means to tell a player to change worlds so that their spot in a certain training area is not taken.


  • Hopleez: Hop please.
  • Player: Huh?
  • Hopleez: I was here first...
  • Player: No you weren't...
  • Hopleez: I disconnected, I've been here all night.
  • Player: Can't we share?
  • Hopleez: Oh, that's not happening, my experience rates are too important to me.
  • Player: Wouldn't hopping yourself and preventing this entire conversation have been better for experience rates?
  • Hopleez: Just hop.


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