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{{Infobox interactive scenery
|name = Horn of Glory
|image = [[File:Horn of Glory.png|150px]]
|release = 4 January [[2007]]
|update = Barbarian Assault
|members = Yes
|quest = No
|examine = Don't be shy!
|location = [[Barbarian Assault]]
|map = no
The '''Horn of Glory''' is a large horn used in the [[Barbarian Assault]] [[minigame]]. Using it allows any player to shout commands to all players fighting in the game.
Because the Horn of Glory is inconveniently located in a corner of the arena, it is somewhat rarely used. Usually, the player that uses it is the second in their position.
On the 10th Wave, when the [[Penance Queen]] arrives, the Horn of Glory is blocked by rubble and cannot be used for the rest of the round.
The horn of glory is usually used in cases where one of the team players is idle or someone else is not functioning as expected by not calling an order to other player(s).
{{Barbarian Assault}}

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