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The Hosidius letter is a letter found in the Arceuus House Library in Great Kourend. Customers in the library may ask the player to provide the letter for them, after which the player is rewarded with 2.5% Arceuus House favour and a book of arcane knowledge. The location of the letter is random, and changes every 80-100 minutes.

If the letter is dropped inside the Library, it will disappear. This is most likely to prevent the player from obtaining multiple copies in order to gain favour quicker by having the letter readily available after a customer asks for it.

The letter contains a plea from Lord Hosidius IV towards the Council of Elders to grant more land for the Hosidius House, explaining the Hosidius House's governing area's larger size relative to the other houses.


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Letter of Lord Hosidius

To the most venerable chamber of the Council of Elders.

I hope that this time finds you well and that your times are bountiful. Sadly I cannot say that the same is true for everyone in this great town of ours. This morning I passed children starving in the streets, unable to walk or already dead in the gutter and although I have the ability to help them, I am forbidden to do so.

My most venerable Council, I beseech you to grant my request as mentioned in previous meetings at your chamber. We can grow enough food to extricate us from the famine we have experienced these last 5 years. However, I cannot do so without the appropriate amount of land.

Only yesterday did I meet with the Lords of all houses and we agreed in principle that all houses would offer half their land so we may farm more. Within 6 months we can have enough food to halt this famine.

I understand the most venerable Council's concern of the political implications of such a move, however the political security of this great town will not matter if it is unable to feed itself. Anarchy is only months away and as such any delay in this decision can have catastrophic results.

I know the Council is wise and I am sure you will see the decision you must make is to grant this request.

Yours most respectfully,
Lord Hosidius IV