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Hugor is a dwarf who lives in Land's End. He can be seen walking drunkenly while holding a glass of wine.


Dialogue 1

  • Hugor: Got anymore *hic* wine?
  • Player: Ummm... No, sorry. Looks like you've had enough anyway.
  • Hugor: Well, I *hic* ...disagree.
  • Player: Why are you drinking so much? To forget?
  • Hugor: Nope, tastes mighty fine! Any chance you *hic* know where Horses go?
  • Player: The what?
  • Hugor: The Horses!
  • Player: Are, the 'Horses'... How unfortunate, the wine has made you delirious. I've no idea what a Horse is my friend.
  • Hugor: Oh.

Dialogue 2

  • Hugor: You know this *hic* place was built twice?
  • Player: Ummm... How come?
  • Hugor: Storm swept in and erased it, had to be built again from scratch.
  • Player: Huh, what a shame.
  • Hugor: They did a better job second time round, but the builder sure was annoyed.
  • Player: Who was the builder?
  • Hugor: Some *hic* Westener.


  • The second dialogue references the fact that during the creation of Land's End, Mod West accidentally deleted the area by saving Rimmington over it and lost 4 hours of work.[1]


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