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#REDIRECT[[Twisted bow]]
{{Gone|update = Amulet of the Damned & CWA}}
|name = Human eye
|image = [[File:Human eye.png]]
|release = 23 October [[2014]]
|update = Halloween 2007 (Free to Play)
|removal = 6 November [[2014]]
|removalupdate = Amulet of the Damned & CWA
|members = No
|quest = No
|tradeable = No
|equipable = No
|stackable = No
|high = No
|low = No
|destroy = You'll have to find another from the Reaper's house.
|store = No
|examine = That's gross. Why am I carrying it around?
|weight = 0
[[File:Human eye detail.png|left]]
A '''Human eye''' was an [[item]] from the [[2014 Halloween event]]. It was part of a task in which the player would find various items in the [[Grim Reaper]]'s living room and would have to put them in the correct places. The eye was found under the Reaper's sofa and was meant to be placed on his shelf.
*The eyeball looks like the optical nerve is still attached.
{{Halloween 2014}}

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