This article is about the NPC who sells the Hunter cape. For other uses, see Hunting expert (disambiguation).
Hunting expert chathead

The Hunting expert can be found in the Feldip Hunter area. She resides in a hut marked with a Lumbridge Guide icon on the world map. There are several ways to get there. She will sell the Hunter cape for 99,000 coins to players who have 99 Hunter.

The clothing she is wearing is larupia clothing, commonly worn by hunters in her area. The Hunting expert is one out of the few Cape of Accomplishment sellers who do not have a specific name. (The others being the Estate Agent, Master Fisher, Head chef and Master Crafter).

She is one of only three female NPCs that sells a cape of accomplishment, the other being Surgeon General Tafani and Twiggy O'Korn.

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