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This article is about the holiday item. For the item used during the Misthalin Mystery quest, see Killer's knife.

Hunting knife detail.png

The Hunting knife is obtained as a reward from the 2016 Hallowe'en event, as well as subsequent Hallowe'en events. Running while having the knife equipped uses a different animation.

A player slashes another player with a Hunting knife.

Despite being a knife, its combat styles are the same as those of a warhammer. It offers very large attack penalties and is nearly useless as an actual weapon. As such it is allowed during "fun weapon" fights in the Duel Arena.

When wielded, a "Slash" option will appear on other players. Picking this option will cause the player to hit the other player. The hit is just an animation and no damage is dealt, nor does it count as entering combat.

A player running while wielding the hunting knife.

Combat styles

CombatStyles warhammer.png Combat style Type Experience
Pound Crush Attack and Hitpoints
Pummel Crush Strength and Hitpoints
Block Crush Defence and Hitpoints


  • The animation for slashing another player is identical to the one used when cutting jungle plants with a machete.
  • The examine text is a reference to the theme song of Mr Stabby, a short flash animation series created by Jonti Picking.