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{{Infobox Emote
#REDIRECT[[Twisted bow]]
|name = Hypermobile Drinker
|release = 29 October [[2015]]
|update = Halloween 2015
|image = [[File:Hypermobile Drinker emote icon.png]]
|members = No
|sound = No
|enhancer = No
|require = Completion of a Hallowe'en event
|anim = Hypermobile Drinker.gif
'''Hypermobile Drinker''' is a [[Holiday events|holiday]] [[emote]] unlocked by completing any [[Hallowe'en event]]. Upon use the [[Account|player]] twists their arms and drinks tea from a large red mug.
*The emote is based on [[Jagex Moderator|Mod]] Ash, who is often known to twist his arms and drink tea out of a red mug during the ''[[Old School RuneScape]]'' team's weekly Q&A sessions.
*The man depicted in the emote's icon has a [[blue partyhat]] and a white beard in reference to Mod Ash's avatar on the [[Runescape forums|official forums]].
*When performing this emote with a [[Bandos chestplate]] equipped, the player's left arm will visibly detach from their body.
{{Halloween 2015}}

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