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Iban's staff (u) (referred to in-game as Iban's upgraded staff) is a stronger version of Iban's staff. It is obtained by bringing Iban's staff to the Dark mage, located in West Ardougne at the last house before the entrance of the Underground Pass dungeon, and paying him 200,000 Coins. It provides the same functions as the basic Iban's staff (namely the ability to cast and auto-cast Iban Blast), but it holds 2,500 charges instead of the 120 charges that the basic Iban's staff is limited to. Upgrading the staff will also recharge it.

If the player wants to recharge the staff to its maximum charges, the player must go through the Underground Pass dungeon to the "Flames of Zamorak", the well located past the three level 62 Paladins in the Underground Pass. The Paladins do not have to be killed again in order to recharge the staff. The staff will retain its upgraded status after being recharged. Alternatively, players may pay the dark mage 250,000 coins to charge it for them.

If you lose Iban's upgraded staff, you can obtain another by going into the Underground Pass and killing a Disciple of Iban to get a broken Iban's staff. The staff he will give you is the basic Iban's staff; you must pay the upgrade fee of 200,000 coins again to regain Iban's upgraded staff.

Upgrading Iban's staff or equipping Iban's upgraded staff is an Ardougne Diary medium task.

Every time you equip Iban's staff, the game chat will state "You equip the staff of Iban."