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#REDIRECT[[Twisted bow]]
{{Infobox Music
|name = Iban
|number = 87
|release= 15 March [[2004]]
|update = RS2 Music player and fixes
|file = Iban.ogg
|members= Yes
|location= Underground Pass, in Iban's temple
|quest= [[Underground Pass]]
|hint= Entering Iban's temple
|duration= 03:26
|composer= Ian Taylor
|cache-id= 1
|instruments= String Ensemble 2,Choir Aahs,FX 8 (sci-fi),Pizzicato Strings,Orshestral Harp,Trumpet,Accoustic Grand Piano,Taiko Drum,Reverse Cymbal,Pad 1 (new age)
'''Iban''' is a music track unlocked during the [[Underground Pass]] quest.
{{Underground Pass}}
[[Category:Music tracks]]

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