Iban blast

Iban Blast is a combat spell that can be cast at 50 Magic. It can inflict up to 25 damage (27 with the Occult necklace, or 31 with the Occult necklace and Slayer helmet (i) while on task).

To cast the spell, the player must be wielding Iban's staff; thus, the player must complete Underground Pass in order to be able to cast the spell. Each cast consumes one charge from Iban's staff when cast on an NPC, or two charges if cast on another player. Thus this spell can be cast a total of 120 times (60 in PvP) before the staff must be recharged (2500 (1250) with Iban's upgraded staff).

As of 21 August 2014, Iban's staff can be used to auto-cast Iban Blast.


Spell cost
5Fire rune1Death rune232
Combo runes
1Death rune5Lava rune222
1Death rune5Smoke rune522
1Death rune5Steam rune572

Note that because Iban's staff is required to cast this spell, the player cannot use elemental staves to substitute any of the runes. A Tome of fire can be used and it will not consume any of the tome's charges.

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