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{{External|rs|rsc=Ice Queen Maze}}
{{Infobox Dungeon
|name = Ice Queen's lair
|image = [[File:White Wolf Mountain map.png|250px]]
|kingdom = [[Asgarnia]]
|music = [[Beyond]]
|level = 1
|monster = [[Ice Queen]]
|quests = [[Heroes' Quest]]
|race = [[Ice]] [[monster]]s
|map = [[File:Ice Queen's Lair.png|250px]]
[[File:Ice Queen.png|left|50px]]
The '''Ice Queen's lair''' is a dungeon, located under the [[White Wolf Mountain]]. It plays a major role in [[Heroes' Quest]], as the [[Ice Queen]] is located here. A [[pickaxe]] is required to access the lair. Level 50 [[Mining]] is required to remove the rockslide to gain access. Most players that come here slay the Ice Queen to obtain her [[ice gloves]]. If a player happens to lose their ice gloves, they may simply acquire a new pair by slaying the queen again.
==Reaching the Ice Queen==
#Head to [[White Wolf Mountain]]. The closest teleport is using the Gnome Glider. From Grand exchange, use the spirit tree to travel to Gnome Stronghold. Head North to the grand tree, on the top floor, there will be a glider.
#Locate the only dungeon on the northwestern tip of the mountain with three entrances with ladders just south-east of it.
#You will need to mine a group of rocks to reach the three ladders down, which requires 50 [[Mining]]. Beware of [[Ice warrior]]s!
#Proceed to the southernmost ladder out of the three you see, and go down the south-west tunnel.
#Go up the ladder at the end. Once you go up, you will see level 53 [[Ice giant]]s there. There should be two ladders next to the one you came up. Take the eastern ladder down.
#Go north through the long tunnel with level 61 [[Ice spider]]s (the spiders in the tunnel do not show up on mini-map) and level 57 [[Ice warrior]]s. The tunnel makes a loop and ends at a ladder.
#Go up the ladder, and then go down the other ladder. Continue down the tunnel until it opens up into a large room. ''Warning for lower levelled players: her lair is a multi-combat zone and she is surrounded by many level 57 ice warriors who will attack you.''
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