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#REDIRECT[[Twisted bow]]
{{Infobox Dungeon
|name = Ice Troll Caves
|image = [[File:Ice_Troll_Cave.png|300px]]
|kingdom = [[Fremennik Isles]]
|members = Yes
|music = [[Ogre the Top]]
|level = 122
|monster = [[Ice Troll King]]
|quests = [[The Fremennik Isles]]
|race = [[Ice troll]]s
|map = [[File:Ice_Troll_Cave_Map.png|200px]]
The '''Ice Troll Caves''' can be found north of [[Jatizso]] and [[Neitiznot]]. To enter the caves, players need to have completed parts of [[The Fremennik Isles]] quest. Six [[Honour guard]]s can be found fighting [[ice troll]]s in the northern most cave. The [[Ice Troll King]] is also found in this cave. After the completion of The Fremennik Isles, the caves can only be accessed using the western entrance, and the Ice Troll King no longer appears.
Although [[Yak-hide armour]] and a [[Fremennik round shield]] from the quest may offer some [[Defence]] against the trolls' attacks, the cave is a [[multicombat area]] and dangerous as the trolls can hit high using both [[Melee]] and [[Ranged]] attacks. While en route to the cave, it's strongly advised to activate [[Protect from Melee]] since the melee trolls do more damage. If using a [[Dwarf multicannon]] during a [[Slayer assignment]], it is important to be wary of high damage and low drops.
*[[Ice Troll King]]
*[[Ice Troll]]
*[[Ice troll female]]
*[[Ice troll grunt]]
*[[Ice troll runt]]
*[[Honour guard]]
*[[Bork Sigmundson]]
*[[Ogre the Top]]
{{The Fremennik Isles}}

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