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The Ice demon is one of the bosses encountered in the Chambers of Xeric.


The demon is initially frozen in place, blocking the way deeper into the chambers. In order to thaw it out, the braziers surrounding it must be lit, and kindling fuels them. There are plenty of trees outside the chamber it resides in to chop for tinder. Having a deposit chest built will greatly help for managing inventory space.

There are four braziers surrounding the demon. An icefiend occupies each brazier (one icefiend for each player in the team, capping at four icefiends). They do not move, but they will extinguish any lit fires near them. The more braziers lit, the faster the demon thaws.

Once the ice demon is thawed, the icefiends will disappear and it will start attacking players. It has two attacks; a snow boulder and Ice Burst. The demon will take overhead prayers into account when fighting them; if the target is using Protect from Missiles, it will only use the snow boulder attack. If Protect from Magic is used instead, it will only use Ice Burst. Both attacks are AoE with a 3x3 radius, so one can avoid attacks completely by moving a few spaces away from their spot.

The demon has low health compared to other monster puzzles, but compensates for this with very high Defence and a damage reduction effect.

Though the demon has damage reduction effects for both range and melee attack styles, damage from fire spells and flames of zamorak are both Increased by a considerable amount, though inaccurate they may be. It is recommended to use Dragon Warhammer or Bandos Godsword special attacks to lower the Demon's defences.


  • In very large raids, teams would often quit if they encountered the Ice demon, as regardless of how much kindling was being put in the braziers, it would extinguish them at a very rapid rate in addition to the kindlings barely doing anything against the demon. This was later changed in a patch.