Icons are symbols on a player's map (minimap or world map) representing certain buildings and locations.

World map icon key

The world map key is on the lower left side and when clicked, and displays a list of icons. In this list is an icon for specific locations in the game. Clicking on any of the entries in the key list and yellow circles will flash in the world map indicating where that building or location can be found. The list has four main categories as listed below:

Game features

Key Location and notes
Agility short-cut icon Agility short-cut Many places
Altar icon Altar Many places, fairly evenly placed inside and outside towns. Only three on islands - one on Entrana, one on Tutorial Island, and another on Ape Atoll. None in Morytania.
Bank icon Bank Most large towns, and some mini games. None in the Wilderness, except in the Mage Arena.
Dungeon icon Dungeon Many places, extremely dense in Gu'Tanoth. This icon is used for when dungeon map links are not available.
Hairdresser icon Hairdresser Falador
Holiday event icon Holiday event Only appears during holiday events.
House portal icon POH portal Rimmington, Taverley, Pollnivneach, Hosidius House, Rellekka, Brimhaven and Yanille
Kourend task icon Kourend task Favour-gaining activities in Great Kourend.
Makeover Mage icon Makeover mage Southwest of Falador
Map link icon Map link Dungeon exits (exclusive to world map)
Minigame icon Minigame Many places
Poll booth icon Poll booth Mostly located near banks
Quest start icon Quest start Various places centred in towns and cities.
Raids Lobby icon Raids Lobby Chambers of Xeric on the summit of Mount Quidamortem and the Theatre of Blood in Ver Sinhaza
Task Master icon Task Master Karamja, Ardougne, Falador, Rellekka, Camelot, Shanty Pass, Lumbridge, Canifis, Varrock, Edgeville, and Tree Gnome Stronghold
Transportation icon Transportation All over Gielinor


Key Location and notes
Bank Tutor icon Bank Tutor Located in Lumbridge Castle (2nd floor[?] bank).
Bond Tutor icon Bond Tutor South of the Grand Exchange.
Combat Tutor icon Combat Tutor Three trainers found south-east of Lumbridge General Store specialising in melee, ranged, and magic respectively.
Cooking Tutor icon Cooking Tutor Southern area of Lumbridge.
Crafting Tutor icon Crafting Tutor Located on the 1st floor[?] of the Lumbridge Castle.
Danger Tutor icon Danger Tutor Centre of Lumbridge by the River Salve.
Deadman Tutor icon Deadman Tutor Lumbridge's graveyard directly south of the church.
Fishing Tutor icon Fishing Tutor South of Lumbridge by the fishing spots.
Hunter Tutor icon Hunting Tutor Feldip Hunter area and Rellekka Hunter area
Ironman Tutor icon Ironman Tutor Three tutors located by the entrance to Lumbridge Castle. Adam, Paul, and Juan specialise in the three different types of Ironman Mode.
Lumbridge Guide icon Lumbridge Guide Centre of Lumbridge by the River Salve.
Mining Tutor icon Mining Tutor South of Lumbridge by the East Lumbridge Swamp mine
Prayer Tutor icon Prayer Tutor Lumbridge church.
Security Tutor icon Security Tutor Lumbridge's graveyard directly south of the church.
Smithing Tutor icon Smithing Tutor Building south of Varrock West Bank. A smelting tutor can be found in Lumbridge by the furnace.
Woodcutting Tutor icon Woodcutting Tutor South of the furnace in Lumbridge.


Key Location and notes
Agility training icon Agility training See: Agility
Anvil icon Anvil Various places, generally in towns and cities. Two in the Wilderness.
Brewery icon Brewery Port Phasmatys, Keldagrim
Combat training icon Combat training Burthorpe, Varrock
Cooking range icon Cooking range Many places
Dairy churn icon Dairy churn Most farming-related places
Dairy cow icon Dairy cow Various locations, mainly Lumbridge.
Farming patch icon Farming patch See: Farming
Fishing spot icon Fishing spot Many places which border water. Often placed in clusters, such as in Catherby and in the Fishing Guild in Hemenster.
Furnace icon Furnace site Various towns and cities.
Hunter training icon Hunter training See: Hunter
Loom icon Loom South of Falador, and in Tirannwn
Mining site icon Mining site Various places, mostly outside of towns and cities.
Pottery wheel icon Potters wheel Rellekka, Barbarian Village, Crafting Guild, Ardougne
Rare trees icon Rare trees Many places, few in towns or cities.
Sandpit icon Sandpit Entrana, Yanille, Rellekka and Zanaris
Slayer Master icon Slayer Master See: Slayer master
Spinning wheel icon Spinning wheel Lumbridge, Falador, Seers' Village, Sophanem, Neitiznot
Stagnant water source icon Stagnant water source Braindeath Island Volcano
Water source icon Water source Many places, mostly inside of towns and cities.
Windmill icon Windmill East of Draynor, West of Varrock, and North of Ardougne, Zanaris, Harmony Island
Woodcutting stump icon Woodcutting stump Neitiznot


Key Location and notes
Amulet shop icon Amulet shop Brimhaven
Apothecary icon Apothecary Varrock, Warriors' Guild
Archery shop icon Archery shop Rimmington, Keldagrim, Catherby, Lletya, the Dwarven Mines, beneath White Wolf Mountain, Void Knights' Outpost
Axe shop icon Axe shop Warriors' Guild, Port Sarim, Lumbridge, Woodcutting Guild
Bounty Hunter trader icon Bounty Hunter Store Edgeville
Candle shop icon Candle shop Catherby and Lumbridge Swamp entrance
Chainmail shop icon Chainmail shop Falador
Clothes shop icon Clothes shop Several places. Mostly minor towns such as Canifis. The only three in large cities are in Keldagrim and Varrock.
Crafting shop icon Crafting shop Keldagrim, Rimmington, Al Kharid, Ape Atoll
Dye trader icon Dye trader Aggie, Pollnivneach and Lletya
Estate Agent icon Estate Agent Varrock, Seers' Village, Falador, Ardougne and in the Hosidius House
Farming shop icon Farming shop Catherby, west of Port Phasmatys, south of Falador, north of East Ardougne and in the Hosidius House
Fishing shop icon Fishing sho Port Sarim, Catherby, Rellekka, Miscellania and Etceteria, Witchaven, and the Fishing Guild
Food shop icon Food shop Canifis, Keldagrim, Sophanem, Ardougne Cooking Guild, Port Sarim, Miscellania Dungeon (after Royal Trouble)
Fur trader icon Fur trader Varrock, Rellekka, East Ardougne
Garden supplier icon Garden supplier Falador Park
Gem shop icon Gem shop Keldagrim, Falador, Ardougne, Al Kharid
General store icon General store Most towns
Grand Exchange icon Grand Exchange Varrock
Helmet shop icon Helmet shop Barbarian Village and Rellekka
Herbalist icon Herbalist Taverley, Entrana, Nardah, Miscellania, Gu'Tanoth
Holiday item trader icon Holiday item trader Diango in Draynor Village
Hunter shop icon Hunter shop Nardah, Yanille
Jewellery shop icon Jewellery Port Sarim
Junk checker icon Junk checker Wise Old Man in Draynor Village
Mace shop icon Mace shop Falador
Magic shop icon Magic shop Nine shops, some located in Varrock, Port Sarim, the Void Knights' Outpost, and the Mage Arena.
Mining shop icon Mining shop Dwarven Mines, Keldagrim
Newspaper trader icon Newspaper traderVarrock Square
Pet shop icon Pet insurance shop East Ardougne
Platebody shop icon Platebody shop Varrock, Ardougne.
Platelegs shop icon Platelegs shopAl Kharid
Plateskirt shop icon Plateskirt shopAl-Kharid
Pricing expert icon Pricing expertGrand Exchange
Pub icon Pub/bar Many places, mostly in towns and cities. Also mostly in continental Gielinor, with only a few on islands - three in Karamja and one in Mos Le'Harmless
Rope trader icon Rope trader Ned in Draynor Village
Sawmill icon Sawmill Lumber Yard and the Woodcutting Guild
Scimitar shop icon Scimitar shop Al Kharid, Ape Atoll
Shield shop icon Shield shop Falador, Keldagrim
Silk trader icon Silk trader Ardougne, Al Kharid. Keldagrim
Silver shop icon Silver shop Keldagrim, East Ardougne, Kourend Castle
Spice shop icon Spice shop Ardougne
Staff shop icon Staff shop Varrock
Stonemason icon Stonemason Keldagrim
Sword shop icon Sword shop Varrock, Keldagrim, The Grand Tree, Taverley and Burthorpe.
Tannery icon Tannery Al Kharid, Crafting Guild, Ranging Guild, Neitiznot, Canifis
Taxidermist icon Taxidermist Canifis
Tea trader icon Tea trader Varrock
Wine trader icon Wine trader Fortunato in Draynor Village


The following, while are not listed in the world map legend, are present on the map.

Key Location and notes
Cookery shop icon Cookery shop Found in Yanille and the Cooking Guild. It is labelled as a "Food shop".
Dungeon map link icon Dungeon with map link Many places, used in place of the regular dungeon icon when a map link is present.
Kebab shop icon Kebab seller Found in Al-Kharid, Pollnivneach and Keldagrim. It is labelled as a "Food shop".
Pricing expert (herbs) icon Pricing expert A variant found in the Grand Exchange
Pricing expert (logs) icon Pricing expert A variant found in the Grand Exchange
Pricing expert (ores and bars) icon Pricing expert A variant found in the Grand Exchange
Pricing expert (weapons and armour) icon Pricing expert A variant found in the Grand Exchange
Vegetable shop icon Vegetable store Two in shops found in Miscellania
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