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#REDIRECT[[Twisted bow]]
{{Infobox non-player character
|name = Idris
|image = [[File:Idris.png|120px]]
|release = 20 September [[2004]]
|update = Plague City Part 4 Released
|members = Yes
|race = [[Elves|Elf]]
|quest = [[Regicide]]
|location = Isafdar
|shop = No
|gender = Male
|examine = An elven hunting party leader.
[[File:Idris chathead.png|left|Idris' chathead]]
'''Idris''' is an elf who meets players when they emerge from the [[Underground Pass (dungeon)|Underground Pass]] for the first time during [[Regicide]]. He questions the player's identity, but is quickly slain by [[Essyllt]] and [[Morvran]] before he has the chance to do anything.
[[File:Idris_dies.gif|frame|left|Idris dies at the hands of [[Essyllt]] and [[Morvran]].]]

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