Ignatius Vulcan chathead

Ignatius Vulcan is an NPC who wanders around the forest north-east of the Sorcerer's Tower, south of Seers' Village. He makes fires in a random area, but when the fire is gone, no ashes remain. If you have a conversation with him, he implies that he neglected his combat skills, as well as Mining, and questing, in order to become a master of Firemaking

If a player has achieved 99 Firemaking, they can purchase a Firemaking cape and its corresponding hood from Vulcan for 99,000 coins.


  • Vulcan was introduced to the game at the same time as the Cape of Accomplishment, as Jagex could not find another NPC who has appropriately associated with firemaking to sell the cape.
  • The name "Ignatius" comes from the Latin word ignis, which means fire. Similarly, the name "Vulcan" comes from the Latin world vulcãnus, who is the Roman god of fire and metalworking.
  • He, along with Thurgo, Ajjat, and Kaqemeex, are the only cape sellers to wear a trimmed version of their cape.

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