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Imbued guthix cape detail.png

The imbued guthix cape is obtained from imbuing a Guthix cape with the items dropped by Justiciar Zachariah, Porazdir, and Derwen, during the The Mage Arena II miniquest. Subsequent imbues will require only ent's roots.

This cape, along with the imbued Saradomin and Zamorak cape, provides the best in slot magic attack bonus for the cape slot.

Despite the update newspost stating that the cape is always lost upon death (excluding safe deaths and services that offer an item reclaim function, such as Zulrah via Priestess Zul-Gwenwynig and the Grotesque Guardians via the magical chest), the cape, like most untradeable equipment, is automatically protected upon death in dangerous PvM scenarios outside of the Wilderness. However, should a player die to another player in the Wilderness, the player will lose the cape, and the killer will receive 60,000 coins as loot.


  • Upon release, once players have imbued their first god cape, they could imbue another cape without needing another demon's heart. In addition, casting High Level Alchemy resulted in receiving 60,000 coins. This was quickly hotfixed, with capes being obtained via this glitch and the ability to alchemize it removed.
  • The cape's design was based on that of a Reddit user named acy2fast [1]. As a token of thanks, he was given a care package containing a Chambers of Xeric coaster, an Inferno poster, a mousepad, a Deadman t-shirt, and a red mug signed by Mod Ash. [2]