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Imerominia is a staff at the Library Historical Archive in the Arceuus House. She is a horologist who can tell the player more about the Royal Accord of Twill, and the date convention Great Kourend uses.


  • Player: Hello, what do you do here?
  • Imerominia: Hello, my name is Imeromnia and I'm the library Horologist.
  • Player: Horologist? What does that mean?
    • Imerominia: Horology is the study and measurement of time, specifically I study how time and dates have been historically recorded.
    • Imerominia: For example, the date convention in Great Kourend is to state the number of days and decades since the signing of the Royal Accord of Twill.
    • Player: Tell me more about the Royal Accord of Twill.
      • Imerominia: The Royal Accord of Twill was signed by the Lords of each of the houses one hundred and thirty-nine decades ago, following the great famine.
      • Imerominia: The Accord declared that each house will, in turn, rule the Kingdom of Great Kourend for one decade in rotation, based on lots drawn.
      • Imerominia: You may find a book in the main Grand Library with further information. Is there anything else I can help you with?
      • Player: Is the Royal Accord of Twill still honoured today?
        • Imerominia: Our Kingdom has advanced somewhat over many decades since; though the essence of the Accord remains intact, the Republic now rules Great Kourend.
        • Player: Was the accord ever breached?
        • Imerominia: Indeed it was; in the thirteenth decade, King Shayzien III siezed control of Kourend using the military under his command.
        • Imerominia: It wasn't until the fourty-seventh decade that the laws decreed within the Accord were again reinstated, by King Byrne I.
        • Player: Fascinating. What happened during that time?
        • Imerominia: During the twentieth decade, King Shayzien VI married the daughter of Lord Hosidius. Three decades later their son was crowned King.
        • Imerominia: He took the name King Hosidius IV in an attempt to distance the family from the breaking of the Royal Accord of Twill.
        • Imerominia: King Hosidius IV followed by his son, King Hosidius V, ruled Kourend until the early days of the thirty-second decade.
        • Imerominia: It was then that King Shayzien VII took control of the city, corrupted by the power of the Dark Altar.
        • Imerominia: King Shayzien VII was killed some five decades later and was succeeded by the dark mage, Xeric.
        • Imerominia: Xeric ruled Kourend for more than ten, dark decades using an army of Lizardmen.
        • Imerominia: Xeric was eventually killed during the fourty-seventh decade and succeeded by King Byrne I.
        • Player: Can you tell me more about Xeric?
          • Imerominia: Ah, I do not have much more information, but you should speak to Ektheme - he's our Xerician expert.
          • Player: Thanks.
    • Player: So what is today's date?
      • Imerominia: I'm afraid I lose track of which day it is... but we are in the one hundred and forty-first decade.
      • Player: So that means the accord was signed almost 1,410 years ago...?
      • Imerominia: That is correct; you seem to have understood our time and date format well.
    • Player: What about the time before the Accord was signed?
      • Imerominia: Very little is known about those ancient times, but we refer to such times as decades 'Before Accord', or 'BA' for short.
  • Player: Goodbye.