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#REDIRECT[[Twisted bow]]
{{Infobox Construction
|name=Imp statue
|image = [[File:Imp statue built.gif]]
|icon = [[File:Imp statue icon.png]]
|level = 15
|experience = 150
|room = [[Garden]]
|hotspot = Centrepiece
|flatpack = No
|examine = What a naughty little imp!
|materials = 5 [[Limestone brick]]s, 5 [[Soft clay]]
The '''imp statue''' is a decoration that can be constructed in the [[Garden]] area of a [[Player-owned house]]. The statue is of an [[imp]] shooting water into a pool at its feet.
Like the [[dungeon entrance]], the garden needs to be rotated 180 degrees before construction for the imp statue to be facing the doorway from which the garden was created.

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