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{{External|rs|rsc=Improved reflexes}}
#REDIRECT[[Twisted bow]]
{{Infobox Prayer
|image = [[File:Improved Reflexes.png]]
|level = 16
|effect = +10% [[Attack]]
|drain = 10
|members = No}}
'''Improved Reflexes''' is a prayer unlocked at level 16 [[Prayer]]. It increases your [[Attack]] by 10%.
Like all other [[Melee]]-boosting prayers, it cannot be used with any [[Ranged]] or [[Magic]] prayers nor can it be used in conjunction with another prayer that increases the player's Attack level, such as [[Incredible Reflexes]].
The other 10% stat-boosting prayers are:
* [[Rock Skin]] ([[Defence]])
* [[Superhuman Strength]] ([[Strength]])
* [[Hawk Eye]] ([[Ranged]])
* [[Mystic Lore]] ([[Magic]])

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