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{{Infobox Music
#REDIRECT[[Twisted bow]]
|name = In the Manor
|number = 8
|release = 29 March [[2004]]
|update = RS2 Launched!
|file = In the Manor.ogg
|members = Yes
|hint = This track unlocks at the ogre island, west of Yanille.
|location = [[Ogre]] island west of [[Yanille]]
|quest = No
|duration = 01:32
|composer = Ian Taylor
|instruments =
'''In the Manor''' is a music track that is unlocked at the [[ogre]] island west of [[Yanille]]. A [[rope]] is needed to unlock it.
The song is very short, and has a lively and uplifting brass melody with a heavy marching drumbeat.
Prior to [[Update:Old School RuneScape's 5th Birthday|an update]], the music track was named "In The Manor".

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