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#REDIRECT[[Twisted bow]]
| interwiki = {{External|rs|rsc=Incomplete Pizza}}
|name = Incomplete pizza
|image = [[File:Incomplete pizza.png]]
|update = New fishing skill and more cooking
|release = 11 June [[2001]]
|members = No
|quest = No
|tradeable = Yes
|equipable = No
|stackable = No
|high = 6
|low = 4
|destroy = Drop
|store = No
|exchange = No
|examine = I need to add some cheese next.
|weight = 0
[[File:Incomplete pizza detail.png|left|130px]]
An '''Incomplete pizza''' is an item that players will usually make only intermittently whilst making a [[plain pizza]]. It is made by using a [[tomato]] with a [[pizza base]].
As the examine text implies, players will usually use this with [[cheese]] to make an [[uncooked pizza]], which they will then cook on a [[range]] to make a plain pizza. This requires level 35 [[Cooking]], and is open to [[Pay-to-play|members]] and [[Free-to-play|non-members]].
Incomplete pizza cannot be made by adding [[Cheese]] to a pizza base, as the tomato has to be put on first.

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