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Infernal pickaxe detail.png

The Infernal pickaxe is a special pickaxe that requires level 61 Mining to use. It is created by using a Smouldering stone on a Dragon pickaxe, requiring level 85 Smithing to create (cannot be boosted). Doing so grants 200 Mining experience and 350 Smithing experience.

A player uses a smouldering stone to create an infernal pickaxe.

Mining rocks with it will give a 1/3 chance for the ore to be smelted as it is mined. This will consume the ore and will grant some smithing experience based on the amount that would usually be gained when creating a bar from the ore. For rocks that cannot be smelted, smithing experience will be gained based on the level required to mine the rock.

For Gold ore, 9 xp is gained. For Sandstone, and Granite, between 6 and 21 experience is gained.

Players cannot use a Dragon pickaxe (or) to create the infernal pickaxe; attempting to do so will result the chatbox stating The cosmetically upgraded pickaxe is too beautiful to convert into an infernal pickaxe. When in the Motherlode Mine, mining Gem rock, or mining Dense runestone, the Infernal pickaxe does not consume ores, acting instead as a regular Dragon pickaxe.

The Infernal pickaxe is able to mine approximately 15,000 ores (consuming 5,000 of them) before degrading, requiring another Smouldering stone to charge it. When fully depleted, the pickaxe can still be used as a regular Dragon pickaxe. However, it will remain untradeable.

The Infernal pickaxe possesses the same special attack as the Dragon pickaxe, in which it boosts a player's Mining level by 3 and requires 100% special to use.