This is a safe minigame.
If you die here, you will not lose any of your items.
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The Inferno is harder than me.


There are new monsters encountered within the Inferno. Several of these monsters are just as ez as the monsters in the Fight Caves except they have fire in their colon.

Lvl Image Name HP Defence icon Defence Magic icon Magic Attack(s) Max Hit Notes
Jal-Nib 10 15 15 Melee (Crush) 4 Attacks the pillars in the room. If they manage to destroy them the pillar is useless for safespotting.
Jal-MejRah 25 55 120 Ranged 19 Much like the Tz-Kih, but drains run energy and stats instead of prayer.
Jal-Ak 40 95 160 Magic, Ranged 29 Much like the Tz-Kek, but attacks with magic and ranged. The style is the opposite of the player's current prayer, but has a delay so switching before the projectile is launched provides full protection. Spawns three smaller versions of itself on death using each side of the combat triangle. (Jal-AkRek-Xil, Jal-AkRek-Mej, Jal-AkRek-Ket)
Jal-ImKot 75 120 120 Melee (Slash) 49 Performs high damage melee attacks. If unable to attack the player, it will burrow down and pop up near the player to attack them.
Jal-Xil 130 60 90 Ranged, Melee 46 Much like the Tok-Xil.
Jal-Zek 220 260 300 Magic, Melee 70 Like a Ket-Zek, but can revive slain monsters in the current round they appear in.

The revived monsters have half health and are only revived once.

Yt-HurKot 90 100 150 Melee 18

A stronger variant of the Yt-HurKot that are found in the TzHaar Fight Caves.

They are summoned when JalTok-Jad is at half health similarly to how it works in the Fight Caves

JalTok-Jad 350 480 510 Magic, Melee, Ranged 113 A much stronger version of TzTok-Jad, and can summon healers when it reaches half health.
TzKal-Zuk 1200 260 150 Magic, Ranged 251 The final boss in the Inferno.
Jal-MejJak 80 100 Ground-targeted AoE 10 Summoned when TzKal-Zuk falls to 240 health.

Wave breakdown

Each wave displays which monster will spawn. There are 69 waves in total. From waves 1 to 66 are three pillars which the Jal-Nibs attempt to destroy. Any remaining pillars by the end of wave 66 are automatically destroyed by the start of wave 67.

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Infernal cape detail

The infernal cape.

Once players manage to defeat TzKal-Zuk, they will be rewarded with the infernal cape. Tokkul is also given, with increasing amounts based on the wave they were defeated on (16,440 maximum; this is doubled if the player has completed the elite tier of the Karamja Diary).

There is also a 1/100 chance of receiving a Jal-nib-rek pet upon defeating it. Outside, players may give TzHaar-Ket-Keh any unwanted infernal capes for a second chance at a Jal-nib-rek, having also a 1/100 chance.


Inferno login screen

The log in screen upon the release of the Inferno.

  • Upon release, Jagex started a competition where the first three players to obtain an Infernal cape would be rewarded. The first player to obtain it would get a real-life version of the Infernal cape, a RuneFest 2017 ticket & travel, and lifetime membership. The second player would get the same as the first player barring the real-life Infernal cape. The third player would get a RuneFest 2017 ticket and lifetime membership.
    • Woox was the first player to complete the Inferno.
    • Kelvino was the second player to complete the Inferno.
    • Cpl Erik was the third player to complete the Inferno.


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