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{{Infobox Music
#REDIRECT[[Twisted bow]]
|title = Inferno
|cache-id = 500
|number = 534
|file = Inferno.ogg
|release = 01 June [[2017]]
|update = The Inferno
|members = Yes
|location = [[inferno|The inferno]]
|quest = No
|hint = This music track unlocks at the Inferno.
|duration = 4:56
|composer = Adam Bond
|instruments = Strings, Brass, French Horn, Piano, Square Wave, Harp, Timpani, Standard Drum Kit
'''Inferno''' is a music track unlocked inside the [[Inferno]] [[minigame]].
Unlocking this music track requires the player to sacrifice a [[fire cape]] to [[TzHaar-Ket-Keh]] guarding the entrance to the Inferno.
This song is in the key of G Minor using the Dorian Scale, with a constant tempo of 96. It makes use of brass instruments such as the French Horn (GM Instrument 60) & Brass Ensemble (GM Instrument 61), performing heavy-sounding crescendos at various times. Adam Bond typically utilises brassy crescendos in his battle-like compositions (Including reworks), mostly in the main ''RuneScape'' game, hence why finding this in ''Old School RuneScape'' is a rare occurrence.
One of the earliest examples of this would be in the track [[Fe Fi Fo Fum]], a song from the 4th of June, in 2007. Besides the brass in this composition, it also consists of Strings (GM Instrument 48) accompanied by an Acoustic Grand Piano (GM Instrument 0) which can be heard slightly in the background. This song also makes use of a Square Wave (GM Instrument 80), which is rarely used in ''Old School RuneScape''. The Square Wave instrument is most likely an imitation of the effects used in Bond's previous Lava Falls composition.
*This track bears resemblance to the song ''At Doom's Gate'' from the video game ''{{wp|Doom (1993 video game)|Doom}}''.
*It is also very similar to another Adam Bond composition from the main ''RuneScape'' game, ''{{RSL|Lava Falls}}''. Despite Inferno being similar to Lava Falls, the song has been transposed to another key and rearranged/recomposed.
*This track is in the same key as the Old School RuneScape theme song, [[Scape Main]]. They both use the G Dorian scale, and there are hints of the theme song in the piano at the beginning.
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