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#REDIRECT[[Twisted bow]]
|location = Shayzien Graveyard
|north = Shayzien mine
|west = Combat ring (Shayzien)
|south = Xeric's Look out
|east = Hosidius House
|image = [[File:Infirmary_map.png]]
The '''Infirmary''' is a location in the [[Shayzien House]] located in [[Great Kourend]]. Wounded Shayzien soldiers, either from fighting off the [[lizardmen]] or attacked by gang members throughout the city, can be found recuperating their wounds here.
The players can gain favour with the Shayzien House by helping the nurses heal the soldiers by using [[Shayzien medpack]]s on injured soldiers. The medpacks are found in the small tent south-west of the infirmary.
When healing soldiers, players gain 0.1% favour with the Shayzien House. There are nine soldiers on the ground floor, and ten on the {{FloorNumber|2}}.

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