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#REDIRECT[[Twisted bow]]
{{Infobox non-player character
|name= Information clerk
|image= [[File:Information clerk.png|50px]]
|release= 29 May [[2007]]
|update= Varrock's New Look
|race= [[Human]]
|members= No
|quest= No
|location= [[Varrock Museum]]
|shop= No
|gender= Female
|examine= A lady with lots of information about the Museum.
[[File:Information clerk chathead.png|left]]
The '''information clerk''' is a museum employee on the {{FloorNumber|1}} of the [[Varrock Museum]]. A [[Account|player]] who needs directions can stop by the information booth she is next to for a [[museum map]] and a more detailed description about each floor's exhibits.
Depending on the amount of [[Kudos]] one has, the clerk will award the player [[experience]]:
*51+ Kudos - 1,000 experience in [[Mining]]
*101+ Kudos - 2,500 experience in [[Crafting]] and Mining
*151+ Kudos - 4,000 experience in Crafting, [[Hunter]], [[Prayer]], [[Slayer]] and [[Smithing]]

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