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Iron bar detail

An iron bar is a bar of refined iron. It can be created through the Smithing skill at level 15 by using an iron ore on a furnace, granting 12.5 Smithing experience. When a player smelts iron ore, there is a 50% chance that the ore will be too impure and lacking in actual iron ore to yield an iron bar. When this happens, the iron ore disappears and the player is granted no Smithing experience. However, if a member wears a ring of forging while smelting iron ore, or casts Superheat Item on it, there is no chance that it will be too impure. An iron bar can be smithed on an anvil through the Smithing skill to create iron weapons and armour. When smithed, each bar grants 25 experience, with a maximum of 125 being given for the iron platebody.

16 Iron bars are required for quests (18 if you want your own blurite sword). Animal Magnetism requires 5, The Knight's Sword requires 2 (4 if you want your own blurite sword), Death Plateau requires 1, The Giant Dwarf requires 1, Troll Romance requires 1, Swan Song requires 5 and One Small Favour requires 1.


A single iron bar can be found west of the Graveyard of Shadows next to the bears in some trees in level 18 Wilderness.

Dropping monsters

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Iron dragon 189 5 1; Always
Sir Harry 62 Unknown 2; Common
Sir Jerro 62 Unknown 2; Common
Sir Carl 62 1 2; Common
Paladin 62 1 2; Common
Giant skeleton (Shadow Dungeon) 80 1 2; Common
Thug 10 1 3; Uncommon
Black Guard 25 1 3; Uncommon
Rockslug 29 1 3; Uncommon
Giant rockslug 86 1 3; Uncommon
Skeleton Mage 16; 83 1–2 3; Uncommon
White Knight 36; 38; 42 1–2 3; Uncommon
Dwarf 10 1 4; Rare
Pirate 23; 26 1 4; Rare

Smithing table

Iron smithing table
ItemLevelExperienceBarsNotes Value Profit / loss
Iron daggerDagger1525111-81
Iron axeAxe1625131-61
Iron maceMace172517-85
Iron spitIron spit1725135-57
Iron med helmMedium helmet1825124-68
Iron bolts (unf) 5Crossbow bolts182511 bar makes 10.16068
Iron swordSword1925132-60
Iron dart tipDart tips192511 bar makes 10. 270178
Iron nailsNails192511 bar makes 15. 16573
Iron arrowtipsArrowtips202511 bar makes 15. 12028
Iron scimitarScimitar2050247-137
Iron longswordLongsword2150219-165
Iron javelin heads 5Javelin heads212511 bar makes 5.13038
Iron full helmFull helmet2250249-135
Iron knifeThrowing knives222511 bar makes 5.16068
Iron limbsCrossbow limbs2325170-22
Iron sq shieldSquare shield2350233-151
Iron warhammerWarhammer2475322-254
Iron battleaxeBattleaxe2575314-262
Oil lantern frameOil lantern frame26251Used as a light source.42-50
Iron chainbodyChainbody2675385-191
Iron kiteshieldKiteshield2775337-239
Iron clawsClaws2850221-163
Iron 2h sword2h sword2975364-212
Iron platelegsPlatelegs3175362-214
Iron plateskirtPlateskirt3175338-238
Iron platebodyPlatebody33125577-383

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