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Iron chainbody detail

The Iron chainbody is the second weakest chainbody in RuneScape, and can be worn by a player with level 10 Defence. It, along with a bronze helm, is required to get into the Black Knights' Fortress because they comprise the primary armour of Faladian guards and other guards around Gielinor.

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Dropping monsters

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Cyclops 56; 76; 81 1 2; Common
Icefiend 13; 17; 18; 132 1 2; Common
Cave goblin 3 1 3; Uncommon
Cave goblin guard 24; 26 1 4; Rare
Ork 107 1 5; Very rare

Store locations

This chainbody can also be bought for 210 coins at:

es:Iron Chainbody

fi:Iron chainbody

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