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In order for your account to be an official Iron Man, you must speak to Adam or Paul before leaving the island.

Iron Man Mode and Ultimate Iron Man Mode are account-types that were released in Old School RuneScape on 13 October 2014, as official support for the Iron Man style of playing, where players are completely self-sufficient.

Both modes can only be activated by speaking to either Adam or Paul on Tutorial Island before being teleported to the mainland. You are also able to decide if you would like to be able to type in your bank pin to revert your Iron Man account into a regular account, or if you want it to be permanent.

Hardcore Iron Man Mode released November 10th, 2016, works in the exact same way as a standard Iron Man account, simply with the added challenge of only one life. Your one life will only be claimed by a dangerous death. Safe deaths, such as those in many minigames, will not cause you to lose your Hardcore status.

Starting off

The most efficient way to start levelling most of the skills is to complete quests which give you large amounts of experience. This saves you spending time on very slow training methods; for example, instead of killing chickens with a bronze dagger, you are able to complete the Waterfall Quest and then The Feud to be able to start training with an adamant scimitar before even touching a monster. Many of the quest bosses can be easily safespotted and defeated with Magic.

An alternative way to start an account is to do Wintertodt at 10 Hitpoints to a high Firemaking level, or even to 99 Firemaking. At 10 Hitpoints you take little damage from the cold and Wintertodt's attacks, meaning that you are able to heal effectively with low-tier food such as cakes, which can be easily stolen from cake stalls in Ardougne. From 99 Firemaking you will get a good amount of starting cash and plenty of resources for various skills, however training only one skill for a significant amount of time can be very boring for most players.

The means of travelling are very limited and inconvenient at lower levels, since you cannot buy teleportation tablets or jewellery from the Grand Exchange, and you are not able to run long distances without stamina potions. To start off, train Agility to a reasonable level, train Magic to unlock teleportation spells and unlock minigame teleports as soon as you can. Getting Ardougne cloak 1 early on is extremely beneficial, as the cloak's teleport is free, unlimited and fairly close to a fairy ring.

Training Thieving is a great way to make starting cash on your account. In addition to this, at high Thieving levels you are able to effectively pickpocket Master Farmers, which are a good source of early herb and allotment seeds.

Barbarian fishing is an ideal skill early on, as it provides passive Strength and Agility experience in addition to Fishing. From 99 Fishing, the player can expect to get around 74 Strength and Agility, which will save heaps of time training those skills. However, this does take a long time and may become too boring for many players, and it costs a few hundred thousand gold to buy all the necessary feathers for bait (this can be compensated by cutting the fish with a knife, which often provides fish offcuts that work as bait and nets a small amount of Cooking experience).

General tips

Obtaining items/gear

  • Mithril axe - safespotting blue dragons in the Taverley Dungeon, killing tree spirits, or bought from the Woodcutting Guild.
  • Rune axe - safespotting lava dragons, killing tree spirits or bought from the Woodcutting Guild.
  • Rune scimitar - safespotting fire giants in Waterfall Dungeon, killing Gangsters, Barbarian spirits, or Zamorak warriors near the Ourania altar. A rune sword could be used instead before the Dragon scimitar becomes available, it only has slightly inferior stats.
  • Yew shortbow, Mithril grapples (for Temple of Ikov, achievement diaries, respectively): Fletching should be done anyway due to its great money potential for Ironmen, but Barbarian spirits (any of the variants, including the skeletons, they all share the same drop table) could otherwise be killed for a semi-rare drop of these (as well as rune scimitars). Without 59 Smithing and Fletching, this is the only way for Ironmen to obtain Mithril grapples. Keep in mind that they are very high level monsters, have high defence, hit hard, are aggressive, and are also located within a particularly dangerous dungeon. Prayer flicking is very handy, but extraordinarily tedious here. Also completing medium and hard clue scrolls is an easy non-combat alternative to getting yew shortbows or even a magic shortbow.
  • Magic logs for quests (16 in total): There are very few ways in all of Runescape to get magic logs and all of them have high requirements. Beyond 75 Woodcutting, they can also be obtained from Nature implings (58 Hunter, seemingly a 1/8 chance, and these implings are fairly uncommon), as rare drops from some zombies in Tarn's Lair (*rare* and they are also much tougher than normal zombies), 100 of them as a 'common' (1/16) reward from high-level Barbarian Assault gambling, or from yommi trees toward the end of Legends' Quest. You can also get them from Wintertodt, or as an uncommon drop from Skeletal Wyverns (35, noted, 72 Slayer required).
  • Adamant scimitar - Completing The Feud quest.
  • Amulet of power - Diamond amulet can be looted from the H.A.M. Store rooms. They are also an uncommon reward from medium clue scrolls.
  • Superantipoison - A 1-dose spawn can be found near the Observatory.
  • Boots of lightness - Can be found in the cellar of the Temple of Ikov. You do not need to start the quest to obtain them. A light source is needed to navigate to the basement, and a slash weapon or knife is needed to cut the web blocking the spawn.
  • Cheese, potatoes and plain pizza can be bought from the food shop in the warrior's guild. The plain pizza can then be made into pineapple pizza. Pineapples can be easily bought from a charter ship trader.
Looting bag detail.png

Ultimate ironman chat badge.png A looting bag allows you to store 28 items. You can only store items when standing in the wilderness. Items in the looting bag do not add to your total weight. Barrows items in the looting bag will not degrade when you die (needs confirmation). Since ultimate ironmen cannot use banks, you can only get your items out of the bag by dying and picking up the items; this will destroy the bag. It is therefore not advised to get high-effort items that disappear on death, such as gem bags or coal bags. Looting bags are dropped by all monsters within the wilderness. The easiest spots are therefore the Giant rats north of Varrock or the skeletons north of Edgeville. A looting bag is counted as a weapon/banned item and can therefore not be taken to Entrana (unless it contains no banned items) or Glarial's Tomb (even if empty). Destroying a looting bag will destroy the items inside and it therefore should be taken into account when doing activities that don't allow a looting bag to be taken inside, like going to the aforementioned areas.

Managing Miscellania

Advisor Ghrim.png

After completion of Throne of Miscellania, Managing Miscellania is an excellent way to get various resources for skill training with little time spent. However, you will need a relatively large amount of capital before investing into your kingdom, so it is recommended that you have a safe amount of coins and/or a consistent money-making method.

For the most effective yield from your kingdom, always put a maximum amount of workers on herb farming. The rest (after completion of Royal Trouble) can be put on maple woodcutting for bird nests which contain seeds, or teak/mahogany woodcutting for supplies for Construction training.

Make sure that the maximum amount is withdrawn every day by having at least 500,000 coins or 750,000 coins after Royal Trouble in the coffers per day for maximum amount of rewards collectible.



Trained as normal. The Agility Pyramid is a decent option should you need gold during the early stages of your ironman, as you can net up to 200,000 gold per hour depending on your Agility level.

At higher levels, if getting marks of grace for amylase crystals is a priority, train on Rellekka Agility Course instead of Seers' Village Agility Course from level 80 to 90.


To start off, do quests which give you a lot of experience in melee skills upon completion, such as Waterfall Quest, Fight Arena, Vampire Slayer, Witch's House, Tree Gnome Village and The Grand Tree. All of the bosses in these quests can be safespotted and easily defeated with Magic. If you need some food during the quests, cakes can be stolen from cake stalls in Ardougne.

Hardcore ironman chat badge.png It is advised for Hardcore Ironmen to train their Hitpoints higher before attempting to do any of the quests mentioned above. Kill low-level monsters with strike spells until you have a comfortable Hitpoints level, after that complete Witch's House and continue with other quests.

Complete Monkey Madness I as soon as you are able to, and buy a dragon scimitar for later training.

Barbarian Fishing grants you small amounts of Strength experience in addition to Fishing and Agility experience. Doing this early on is very beneficial, as it allows you to skip a significant amount of early melee (and Agility) training if done for longer periods of time.

Work towards getting starting equipment for early melee training. Complete Death Plateau for climbing boots, Dragon Slayer for a rune platebody, The Fremennik Trials for a berserker helm and subquests of Recipe for Disaster for Culinaromancer's gloves (up to mithril or adamant). If you wish to get an amulet of strength or an amulet of power without the Crafting requirements to make them, you can loot H.A.M. Store rooms for a ruby and/or diamond amulet.

A rune scimitar can be obtained as a rare drop from fire giants, which can be safespotted with Magic or Ranged. However, a rune sword (which can be bought from the Champions' Guild) has only slightly inferior stats to a rune scimitar, and it isn't usually worth the time to camp fire giants solely for the rune scimitar. Alternatively, you can safespot Zamorak warriors in the Ourania Cave, however this area is dangerous for low-level players.

At some point, get a fighter torso from the Barbarian Assault minigame. While there are no requirements to participate in the minigame, having a higher combat level generally makes it easier to perform sufficiently and to find teammates who are willing to accept you to their team.

Train melee stats by killing moss giants or sand crabs once you have attained reasonable gear. Moss giants are very rarely crowded and frequently drop runes, herbs and herb seeds. Killing sand crabs on the other hand requires minimal attention as they are aggressive for 10-15 minutes when walked by, and they barely hit at all if the player is wearing any decent defensive equipment.

As soon as you are able to enter the Warriors' Guild, kill cyclopes until you have a dragon defender. Once you have the defender, train all melee skills through Slayer.


Training the skill itself is no different than you would normally, however you will need to collect a mass amount of logs for making planks. To do that, you will either have to cut the logs yourself or collect them from Managing Miscellania.

Early levels can be bypassed if you do Wintertodt to a high Firemaking level. Be sure you have bought a house before doing Wintertodt, as otherwise you will not get any Construction experience from repairing braziers.

If you don't do Wintertodt, collect planks in the Barbarian Outpost east of the Barbarian Assault until you have enough for 16 Construction for making Crafting table 1's. Nails can be bought from the sawmill operator in the Lumberyard.

Ultimate ironman chat badge.png Ultimate Ironmen cannot use butlers to make planks, as they will not provide their service if there is no bank space for the items they're holding.

Method Requirements Items needed Procedure
All planks

(PVP world & House Teleport)

45 Magic



Teleport to House

Camelot Teleport

In a PVP world, teleport to Camelot to bank (a bank chest will be next to the spawn - this is a safe zone). Grab your logs of choice, then teleport to your house. Give your Butler the logs to take to the sawmill, then teleport back to Camelot to repeat the process. The butler will automatically bank your planks. This is one of the fastest methods of obtaining planks. The only downside is the added cost of paying the butler for their services.
Oak plank (Woodcutting Guild) 60 Woodcutting icon.png75% Hosidius favour Axe


Cut oak trees in the eastern side of the Woodcutting Guild. After you have a full inventory of oak logs, convert them into planks in the sawmill and deposit them in the nearby bank deposit box.
Oak plank (Balloon method) 30 Woodcutting icon.png (41+ Woodcutting icon.png recommended)

40 Firemaking icon.png

Completion of Enlightened Journey



Rings of dueling

Looting bag

Starting at Castle Wars, take the balloon to Varrock Lumber Yard via the balloon. Cut the trees you want to turn into planks until your inventory is full. Pay the Sawmill operator to cut your logs into planks. Head north into the Wilderness to fill the loot bag with your planks. Exit the Wilderness to repeat the process until your loot bag and inventory are full, then travel back to Castle Wars with your ring of dueling. If you have 60 Firemaking icon.png and 60 Woodcutting icon.png, you can chop one of the Yew trees south of the Lumber Yard and take the balloon back to Castle Wars, which conserves your potentially few rings of dueling.
Oak plank (Rimmington) 15 Woodcutting icon.png (41+ Woodcutting icon.png recommended)

50 Construction icon.png



Move your house to Rimmington, and cut oak trees north-east of the house portal. After you have a full inventory of oak logs, go into your house, call your demon butler and send him to the sawmill. Exit the house and the butler will automatically send the planks to your bank.
Teak plank (Ape Atoll) 35 Woodcutting icon.png (61+ Woodcutting icon.png recommended)

67 Construction icon.png

90 Magic icon.png

60% Arceuus favour

Completion of Monkey Madness I



Runes for Ape Atoll Teleport spell

Teleport to house tablets

A monkey greegree if Monkey Madness II hasn't been completed

Teleport to Ape Atoll dungeon, climb up to the surface and there are teak trees nearby in the east. After you have cut a full inventory of logs, break a house teleport tablet, call a demon butler and send him to the sawmill. Teleport back to Ape Atoll, and the butler will automatically send the planks to your bank. If you haven't completed Monkey Madness II, you will need to wear a greegree when cutting the logs and unequip it before teleporting to your house.

Ultimate ironman chat badge.png At 59 Construction, you can start building limestone attack stones in the games room of your POH. For this method you will need 20 empty inventory spaces, Morytania legs 3 or 4 and the Flamtaer bag from the Shades of Mort'ton minigame. Buy limestone bricks from Razmire in Mort'ton and fill the Flamtaer bag as you go. After you don't have any more space for the limestone bricks, teleport to your house and build limestone attacks stones, emptying the Flamtaer bag as you go. Teleport to Burgh de Rott with the Morytania legs, run north to Mort'ton and repeat. This method will grant you 60,000-65,000 experience per hour depending on your efficiency and costs around 2.6 coins per experience.


Completing Gertrude's Cat, Cook's Assistant and Dwarf and Goblin Generals subquests of the Recipe for Disaster will grant a total of 3,825 experience, which elevates a level 1 Cooking to level 18.

For early levels, fish and bank trout and salmon in Shilo Village, and cook the fish in the Rogues' Den or in the Hosidius kitchen. You will get some passive Cooking experience from cutting leaping fish if you are doing 3-tick barbarian fishing with a knife (eating roe/caviar), however you will not get any if you are dropping the fish. If you are not doing Barbarian Fishing for Fishing experience and fishing for food instead (such as karambwans or minnow), cooking the fish will easily grant the player more than enough Cooking experience.

From level 65 onwards, you can make servery pineapple pizzas in the mess hall if you have at least 45% favour in the Hosidius House. This method doesn't require any supplies and can yield around 150,000 - 160,000 experience per hour depending on your efficiency, however it is very click-intensive. Hop worlds after serving each load to maximise experience gain.

Zulrah and Vorkath drop grapes, which can be made into jugs of wine. Jugs of water can be obtained by buying empty jug packs from the Culinaromancer's Chest and using Humidify to fill them with water. Players stop creating jugs of bad wine when they reach 68 Cooking.


Starting off

Do quests that give Crafting experience upon completion for early levels. Elemental Workshop I and II will net you a total of 12,500 Crafting (and Smithing) experience, with relatively low skill requirements and being fairly easy to do.

For 61 Crafting, buy buckets of sand and soda ash (and seaweed if you don't mind having to cook it into soda ash, as it has more stock) at a Trader Crewmember in Port Khazard. However this location can be very crowded, so if you are struggling to get decent stocks from these traders, use the ones in Catherby instead as they are also fairly close to a bank. Smelt these into molten glass at any furnace, and then into unpowered orbs (at 46 Crafting) with a glassblowing pipe for experience. Once you have level 49 Crafting, completing The Hand in the Sand quest is highly beneficial since you can receive 84 free buckets of sand daily from Bert.

Alternatively, you can buy gold ores from the Blast Furnace, smelt them into bars, and then craft them into unstrung gold amulets or gold bracelets which can be alched for Magic experience. Another option is to buy silver ores instead, smelt them into bars, and then craft them into tiaras or bolts. Both are almost worthless, but they give decent crafting experience, and the bolts could be used for Fletching experience, albeit with leftover, nearly-useless items.

Ultimate ironman chat badge.png Buy buckets of sand and soda ash at any Trader crewmember in Port Phasmatys. Then smelt them into molten glass at the furnace close to the port, then use a glassblowing pipe to make them into other glass items. You can then sell back your products to the traders, since they are a general store. Hop worlds to quickly get a full inventory. After completion of Lunar Diplomacy, use the charter ship method below.

Farming seaweeds

Players can farm giant seaweeds by planting seaweed spores in seaweed patches in the underwater area of Fossil Island. Upon harvesting these seaweed patches grant a large amount of giant seaweeds. The benefit of giant seaweeds is, that 1 giant seaweeds is the equivalent of 6 normal seaweeds. Flippers are advised to swim underwater. Flippers are dropped by Mogres at a chance of 1/64.

Large quintaties of seaweed spores can be obtained by killing Lobstrosities. Lobstrosities can be found in the underwater area of Fossil Island. They can only be damaged by a brine saber or a trident. To obtain a Brine saber you need to have 48 slayer to kill Brine rats. To obtain a trident you need to have 87 slayer to kill Kraken.

Charter ship method

After you have access to Superglass Make spell (requires level 77 Magic and completion of Lunar Diplomacy), you can train Crafting without any banked supplies needed. Buy buckets of sand and seaweed (or soda ash) from any Trader Crewmember, cast Superglass Make and make the highest-tier glass item you are able to on the spot. Sell the glass items or drop them, hop worlds and repeat. This method will grant you around 65,000 - 70,000 experience per hour with lantern lenses and 85,000 - 90,000 experience per hour with empty light orbs, depending on stocks.

Crafting battlestaves

Players who have completed task sets of the Varrock Diary can buy noted battlestaves daily from a barrel near Zaff for 7,000 coins each. They all have to be bought at once, so you will need a sizeable stack of coins for this. Starting at 15 with the easy tasks, each task set doubles the amount of Battlestaves that can be bought per day.

Fastest way to obtain supplies for making the unpowered orbs is to collect the daily buckets of sand from Bert and to farm giant seaweed (requires level 23 Farming and completion of Bone Voyage). You can also collect bucket of sand by casting teleport home to Yanille and fill at the sandpit north of the Home Portal.

Doing every Fossil Island Wyvern task for seaweed spores is recommended if you are planning to farm the seaweed. They also randomly drop in the sea next to the seaweed patch and behave the same way a birdnest while woodcutting. Those turn into 6 Soda ash by cooking it on a fire. Alternatively, you can collect seaweed in Piscatoris Fishing Colony or buy them at a Trader Crewmember in Port Khazard.

You will need a mass amount of cosmic runes, which you will most likely have to runecraft as they can't be bought in such high numbers. For this to be efficient, it's recommended to have 59 Runecrafting for double cosmic runes, a quick access to a fairy ring (such as quest point cape) or high Agility and Mining levels for the Abyss, and a sizeable amount of spare pure essence.

Orb Items needed Procedure
Air orb Staff of air

Cosmic runes

Unpowered orbs

Amulets of glory or rings of returning

Stamina or energy potions

Grab 81 cosmic runes and 27 unpowered orbs, run to the air obelisk, charge the orbs and teleport to Edgeville with an amulet of glory. If you have the Edgeville respawn, you can use rings of returning instead and do this in a PvP world.
Fire orb Staff of fire

Anti-dragon shield

Cosmic, law and dust runes

Rune pouch (strongly recommended)

Unpowered orbs

Stamina or energy potions or an energy restoration pool in your POH


Move your house to Taverley. Teleport to your house, run south to the Taverley Dungeon and to the fire obelisk, charge the orbs and teleport to Camelot to bank.

It is possible to charge the orbs faster by using them manually to the obelisk. Attach the charged orbs for Crafting experience and cast High Level Alchemy for profit.


You will get a notable amount of dragonhides from killing green dragons for Prayer and from killing Vorkath. Tan the hides in the Crafting Guild, craft the leathers into dragonhide bodies and alch them for profit.

High-level players will get a mass amount of uncut gems from Chambers of Xeric.

Killing goraks in the Gorak Plane (fairy ring code DIR) with a Ring of Wealth equipped has a high yield of uncut gems, especially after completion of the Legends' Quest and Fairy Tale II, and can be a very viable way of gathering them with a gem bag.

Another method, which becomes more viable with completion of the Hard Karamja Diary, is to mine gem rocks in Shilo village. This method is attention-intensive and somewhat tedious, especially at lower mining levels. The gems can be cut and crafted into jewellery, giving good experience. If you choose to do this, save emeralds and sapphires for making Dueling rings and Games necklaces, respectively, as both are valuable for providing very close teleportation to a bank.


Questing is a very effective way to train from level 1 to 35 without any actual Farming training, skipping much of the tedium of low-level Farming and seed collecting. (Refer to the Quest experience rewards page to see the relevant quests.)

Checking bird houses on Fossil Island will yield you bird nests, which sometimes contain seeds. In addition to doing Wintertodt, this is arguably one of the easiest ways to get tree seeds at lower levels. At higher levels, you will get bulk of the tree seeds from killing Zulrah and the Giant Mole; in addition to these, tree seeds can also be obtained from various other bosses and demi-bosses, such as lizardman shamans, demonic gorillas, Kalphite Queen, Callisto and Venenatis.

Ultracompost can be made by buying pineapples from charter ships or harvesting watermelons, putting them into a compost bin and using 25 volcanic ashes on a full compost bin containing supercompost. Unlock the ultracompost version of the Fertile Soil spell as early as possible, since it negates the need to spend time making ultracompost.

If you are not paying the farmer to look after a tree, always use ultracompost on the patch in order to minimise the chance of disease. It is usually not worth spending time to gather payments for farming, since the chance of a tree dying is very low if you use Resurrect Crops spell (along with using ultracompost) on the Arceuus spellbook.

In addition to farming trees, you will get a significant amount of Farming experience from doing herb runs over time.

Ultimate ironman chat badge.png Currently the most efficient way for training Farming is the Tithe Farm in Hosidius, Great Kourend. Requirements are 100% favour in Hosidius House and 34 Farming. When done in combination with regular farm runs, players can gain Farming experience well above a hundred thousand per hour at higher levels.

Tool leprechauns will note all farmed products for you, these can be unnoted at a bank. This includes products which can be farmed and from other sources.


To start off, go to the top of the Lumbridge Castle, light the logs that spawn there, hop worlds and repeat until you have 15 Firemaking. Cut oak logs and light them as you go until you have 35 Woodcutting; continue by cutting and lighting teak logs south-west of Castle Wars until 50 Firemaking.

Wintertodt becomes the most efficient option from level 50 onwards, as it doesn't require any supplies and it offers various resources for other skills. Doing Wintertodt at a low level has the benefit of being able to heal effectively with low-tier food, however you will miss out on most of the better rewards with low stats. Getting at least 80 Firemaking with low stats is recommended for the Morytania elite diary requirement, however.

Firemaking magic or redwood logs from woodcutting or monster drops is also an option if the player doesn't have any other use for them, however you will most likely need them for doing bird house runs.

Ultimate ironman chat badge.png For Ultimate Ironmen: clear as much inventory space as possible to minimise time travelling to lighting logs.


Trained as normal. Complete the Sea Slug quest to get from level 1 to level 24. It is advisable to bank the fish you get from fly fishing for early Cooking experience; the nearest fly fishing spot to a bank is in Shilo Village. Continue with Barbarian fishing and drop or cut the fish.

If you need good food for activities such as Slayer, catch karambwans, minnow (for noted raw sharks) or anglerfish.


To start off, cut regular trees, fletch the logs into headless arrows and attach feathers to them.

At level 22, you can make iron darts if you have completed The Tourist Trap quest. Buy iron ore from Ordan, smelt the ores into bars at the Blast Furnace and smith them into dart tips. Fletch the darts while you are doing other activities, such as training Agility or Hunter.

Mass amount of maple logs can be obtained from Managing Miscellania, which can be fletched into unstrung maple longbows. These can be alched for a very minor loss. At higher levels and after purchasing Broader Fletching perk with Slayer reward points, use the maple logs for making headless arrows, buy broad arrowhead packs from any Slayer master and make broad arrows.

Ultimate ironman chat badge.png Due to resources being deposited into the player's bank, ultimate iron men cannot gain resources through managing the kingdom.

Doing the Kandarin Achievement Diary will allow you to exchange 30, 60, 120 or 250 flax for bowstrings each day from the Flax keeper south of Seers' Village. Another easy way to obtain bowstring is through the Temple Trekking mini-game, using the easy route you can receive 100 bowstring in a matter of minutes.


Herblore is arguably one of the hardest skills to train on Iron Man (especially on Ultimate Iron Man) since collecting the herbs and most of the secondary ingredients can be slow and time-consuming. Therefore, it is advised to put the rewards of every experience lamp and tome you get on Herblore if possible. By the time you have completed all hard diaries, whilst making any potions you can along the way, you should reach level 67-69 which is just barely enough to start boosting to make ranging potions.

To start off, do quests that give you Herblore experience upon completion. Questing alone will grant you a total of 9,350 Herblore experience, elevating a level 1 Herblore to 26, allowing you to make energy potions without having to make a single potion before.

It is advisable to work towards having access to Managing Miscellania as early as possible, since it is one of the best ways to get herbs passively over time. Training Thieving to high levels is a quick way to get coins for funding your kingdom; in addition to this, with high Thieving you are able to effectively pickpocket Master Farmers for early herb seeds. When you have your kingdom, have 10 workers on herb farming at all times for the most effective yield. Ultimate ironman chat badge.png Due to resources being deposited into the player's bank, ultimate iron men cannot gain resources through managing the kingdom.

After completing hard tasks of the Desert Diary, Zahur will make unfinished potions for you for 200 coins per potion. This works with noted herbs and vials of water.

An alternative cheap method is to hold onto the Empty vial you obtain from Lunar Diplomacy to make Waking sleep potions. It only requires Guam leaf and Marrentill to create and provides 84 experience per ingredient added to the vial for a total of 168 experience or 252 if you wish to finish the potion with a Ground tooth. This is especially useful to Ultimate Ironman who have limited options on storing ingredients.

Obtaining herbs and herb seeds

Training Slayer is one of the primary methods of obtaining herbs and herb seeds, as many slayer monsters (most notably nechryaels, aberrant spectres, dagannoths and kurasks) frequently drop assorted types of them. Do every nechryael task in the Slayer Tower with melee instead of killing them with burst/barrage spells in the Catacombs of Kourend, since Greater Nechryaels do not drop nearly as many herb seeds compared to ones in the Slayer Tower.

At 80 Hunter, you can start tracking herbiboars on Fossil Island which will yield herbs and a small amount of Herblore experience upon harvesting. Once you have enough chinchompas for Ranged training and a high Herblore level (85+ recommended), finish 99 Hunter by tracking herbiboars.

After achieving 100 kudos and completing Bone Voyage, players can access Fossil island. Players can then plant birdhouses. Upon harvesting these birdhouses players receive a small amount of hunter and crafting experience, while also granting bird nests. These bird nests commonly contain high-level tree and fruit tree seed, rings and a rare chance to get a clue scroll.

At higher levels, killing the Giant Mole after completing the hard tasks in the Falador Diary and exchanging the mole parts is a great way to get bird nests for making Saradomin brews. These nests also commonly contain high-level tree and fruit tree seeds, which can be used for Farming training.

High-level players will get a notable amount of herbs and Herblore experience (from dark relics and making potions inside the raid) from Chambers of Xeric. Those with Verac's can focus on killing the Wilderness bosses Venenatis, Vet'ion and Callisto as they rarely drop 100 noted herbs (snapdragon, ranarr weed and toadflax, respectively) as well as a generous amount of ranarr and snapdragon seeds. Notably, Venenatis also occasionally drops 500 noted red spiders' eggs and Callisto 75 noted crushed nests.

Farming herbs

Do herb runs as often as you can. Clean the herbs while running to the next patch to save some time later on, so that you don't have to clean them while standing next to a bank.

It is highly recommended to complete My Arm's Big Adventure and to have at least 50% favour in the Hosidius House for disease-free herb patches as soon as possible. This will ensure that you will get herbs every time and also saves you a considerable amount of herb seeds in the longer run.

Always use ultracompost on herb patches to minimise the chance of disease, and to ensure the minimum amount of 6 herbs per seed when used along with magic secateurs. Ultracompost can be easily made by buying pineapples from charter ships or harvesting watermelons, putting them into a compost bin and using 25 volcanic ashes on a full compost bin containing supercompost.

Fertile Soil spell (requires 83 Magic) on the Lunar spellbook is particularly convenient for herb runs since it negates the need to spend time making ultracompost. However, getting an ash covered tome for unlocking the ultracompost version of the spell can take a while due to the Kudos requirement of the Volcanic Mine. When you have access to the spell, do herb runs while on the Lunar spellbook and use teleport tablets or Spellbook Swap for patches which you can't easily access without being on standard spellbook. Having a lunar or occult altar in your house is recommended for switching spellbooks quickly, however you can also teleport to Lunar Isle via Moonclan Teleport or a house portal.

Type Location Getting there and notes Image
South of Falador

Teleport via Explorer's ring 2 or higher, teleport to Draynor Village via an amulet of glory and run north-west, or teleport to Falador and run south-east.

Elstan location.png
West of Port Phasmatys

Use your Ectophial and run west. Alternatively, use the fairy ring code alq and run north.

Lyra location.png
North of Catherby

Teleport to Camelot and run east. If you have access to the Lunar spellbook, teleport to Catherby and run north. Completing medium tasks (or higher) of the Kandarin Diary will increase your yield from the herb patch.

Dantaera location.png
2 Allotment
North of Ardougne

Teleport to Ardougne (requires the completion of Plague City and 51 Magic), run east to the exit and run north-west. If you have access to the Lunar spellbook, teleport to Fishing Guild and run south-east. Players can teleport to the patch directly with Ardougne cloak 2 or 3 once per day, or unlimited amount of times with Ardougne cloak 4.

Kragen location.png
2 Allotment
South-east corner of Great Kourend

Teleport to your house if it's in Great Kourend (requires 25 Construction) and run east; use a Kourend teleport tablet if your house is located elsewhere. If you have a Xeric's talisman, a sufficient amount of lizardman fangs and 100% favour in the Hosidius House, you can use the talisman's teleport to Xeric's Glade.

All patches in this location are disease-free if you have at least 50% favour in the Hosidius House.

Marisi location.png
Herb (disease-free) Roof of Troll Stronghold Teleport to Trollheim (requires completion of Eadgar's Ruse) and run west. The shortcut to the roof (requires 73 Agility) becomes available after completing hard tasks of the Fremennik Diary.

This disease-free herb patch becomes available after completing My Arm's Big Adventure.

My Arm location.png


Harmony Island Teleport to Harmony Island (can be accessed with Spellbook Swap) and run south.

The herb patch becomes available after completing elite tasks of the Morytania Diary.

Harmony patch location.png

Getting commonly used secondary ingredients

Secondary ingredient Used for Method of obtaining
Eye of newt.png Eye of newt Attack potion(4).png Attack potion, Super attack(4).png Super attack Eye of newt packs can be bought from Betty in Port Sarim.
Limpwurt root.png Limpwurt root Super strength(4).png Super strength Can be obtained from obor , venanatis and callisto , or grown at level 26 Farming. (due to an update in august 2018 kurasks and nechraels drop limpwurt seeds instead of lumpwurt roots)
Ashes.png Ashes Serum 207 (4).png Serum 207 Can be collected after logs have burnt out, this also works for fires which have been made by other players. Go to Grand Exchange and find a world where people are training Firemaking. Alternatively, you can go Nightmare Zone, choose Practice mode and Fareed as your quest boss. Attack him with darts with ice gloves equipped, and pick up the ashes he drops. The thieving chests in Rogues' Castle (north-east deep wilderness) also commonly contain noted ashes.
Swamp tar.png Swamp tar Tarromin tar.png Tarromin tar Can be obtained in bulk from Zulrah.
Red spiders' eggs.png Red spiders' eggs Super restore(4).png Super restore Spawns in Edgeville Dungeon. Can be obtained in larger amounts by killing spidines in the Tower of Life. Venenatis also uncommonly drops 500 noted eggs.
Chocolate dust.png Chocolate dust Energy potion(4).png Energy potion Chocolate bars can be bought from the Culinaromancer's Chest after completing subquests of Recipe for Disaster, or from Roc's Choc Box in Nardah (25 in stock). These can be ground to chocolate dust using a knife or a pestle and mortar.
Snape grass.png Snape grass Prayer potion(4).png Prayer potion Spawns on Waterbirth Island. Teleport to Waterbirth Island (requires 72 Magic), collect a full inventory of snape grass and bank at Castle Wars via a ring of dueling. Alternatively, if you have completed easy tasks of the Fremennik Diary, you can deposit the snape grass at Peer the Seer.
Mort myre fungus.png Mort myre fungi Super energy(4).png Super energy potion Can be obtained in Mort Myre Swamp by casting Bloom with a blessed silver sickle near some dead logs. Use Salve Graveyard Teleport from the Arceuus spellbook (requires 40 Magic and at least 60% favour in the Arceuus House) to quickly access the swamp, deposit the fungi using Karamja gloves 3 or 4 and recharge your Prayer points at the Ardougne Monastery.
White berries.png White berries Super defence(4).png Super defence potion Can be grown in bush patches at level 59 Farming. Also uncommonly dropped by kurasks.
Dragon scale dust.png Dragon scale dust Antifire potion(4).png Anti-fire potion Blue dragon scales spawn in Taverley Dungeon near the blue dragons. After completion of Dragon Slayer II, collecting these in the Myths' Guild basement becomes a better option.
Wine of zamorak.png Wine of Zamorak Ranging potion(4).png Ranging potion Can be telegrabbed in the Asgarnia's Chaos Temple or the Chaos Temple south-west of Chaos Fanatic. Alternatively, they can also be made by using Zamorak's grapes with a jug of water. Also dropped by the Kalphite Queen.
Crushed nest.png Crushed nest Saradomin brew(4).png Saradomin brew Bird nests can be obtained from Managing Miscellania, checking bird houses and exchanging mole parts to Wyson the Gardener. Also dropped by Zulrah and Vorkath.


Early levels are trained as normal. Once you have enough chinchompas for Ranged training and a high Herblore level (85+ recommended), finish 99 Hunter by tracking herbiboars.

In addition to normal training, doing bird house runs for bird nests will grant you a notable amount of Hunter experience over time.

Hardcore and Ultimate Ironmen should avoid catching black salamanders and black chinchompas, and catch red salamanders and red chinchompas instead.


Cast strike spells on various monsters at lower levels. You can get the money for runes by collecting 10,000 coins from the Stronghold of Security, from training Thieving and/or doing Agility Pyramid.

If you wish to get Prayer experience early on, kill blue dragons in the Taverley Dungeon for dragon bones. Alternatively, you can kill lava dragons located in the deep Wilderness, as you will always profit every trip as they drop rune items frequently. It is also recommended to bring food and energy potions (if you have the required Herblore level) as this is a hotspot for low-level player killers.

If you wish to get a rune scimitar for early melee training, safespot fire giants in the Waterfall Dungeon until you get one or 55 Magic. This is not worth the time however, since a rune sword can be bought in the Champions' guild and is only slightly worse.

Killing Twisted Banshees in the Catacombs of Kourend is also a viable option, as they drop alchables, herbs, herb seeds and pure essence.

From 43 to 55 Magic, you can superheat iron ores into iron bars for both Magic and Smithing experience. This requires a lot of nature runes and is very expensive, however.

Once you have 55 Magic, cast High Level Alchemy on various items, such as unstrung maple longbows (maple logs can be obtained from Managing Miscellania), battlestaves and drops from Slayer monsters. If you have an excess amount of gold bars from Smithing training, they can be alched for fairly minor loss.

At higher levels, you will get a lot of Magic experience from bursting/barraging certain Slayer tasks, such as dust devils and smoke devils. Greater Nechryaels can also be bursted/barraged, however killing nechryaels found in the Slayer Tower is more beneficial as they drop herb seeds more commonly.


Trained as normal. At some point, you will need to mine gemstone for making bracelets of slaughter and volcanic ash for making ultracompost. If you find a good team, do Volcanic Mine and spend the points on volcanic ash. At higher levels, dynamites you get from Wintertodt and/or Chambers of Xeric can be used at the Blast Mine.

Pickaxes up to rune can be bought from Nurmof's Pickaxe Shop. A dragon pickaxe can only be obtained as a rare drop from Chaos Elemental, Callisto, Venenatis and Vet'ion, or as a very rare drop from King Black Dragon.


Do several quests for your starting experience. After completing The Restless Ghost, Priest in Peril, Recruitment Drive and Holy Grail (which will grant a total of 16,931 Prayer experience), you will need to offer 116 dragon bones at the Ectofuntus to get level 43 Prayer. Blue dragons can be safespotted with Magic in the Taverley Dungeon at lower levels. An alternative option is to kill lava dragons located in the Wilderness, however this area is a hotspot for low-level player killers.

Green dragon.png

For 70 Prayer, kill green dragons in the Wilderness with melee. The spot north of the Graveyard of Shadows and the spot east of black salamanders are easily accessible via a games necklace's teleport to Corporeal Beast's Cave, however both areas are well-known hotspots for player-killers. The spot west of the Dark Warriors' Fortress is safer but can be crowded. Only risk items you are willing to lose.

At high levels, kill green dragons west of the Dark Warriors' Fortress with a toxic blowpipe after completion of elite tasks of the Wilderness Diary. You are able to use the Elite Void Knight equipment without risking any set pieces on death, as the spot is located below level 20 Wilderness. Depending on gear, Ranged level and efficiency, the player can expect to get around 250-300 dragon bones per hour if also banking the hides.

Killing Vorkath instead is an option if the player has adequate gear for it. While this is slower banked Prayer experience per hour than killing green dragons, the supplies (most notably the dragonhides for Crafting) and money you will get makes killing the boss more efficient option overall, especially if done so on task.

Chaos Temple (hut).png

Offer the bones you get at the chaos altar located in level 38 Wilderness. There is a 50% chance that the bone offered at the altar will not be consumed, making this method notably faster, albeit risky, overall than offering bones at the gilded altar considering the time it takes to gather the bones. Wear cheap defensive gear while 3- or 4-iteming armour pieces with high defensive stats and bring high-healing food in case you are attacked by player-killers.

When training Slayer, collect all ensouled heads you get and reanimate them near the Dark Altar. It is also advised to do blue dragon tasks whenever possible. Consider unlocking red dragons as a Slayer task after completing elite tasks of the Karamja Diary, as the hides will be dropped in noted form which makes the task more worthwhile to do. Dagannoth Kings may also be killed on task for noted dagannoth bones after completion of elite tasks of the Fremennik Diary.

Hardcore ironman chat badge.png For Hardcore Ironmen, worshipping the Ectofuntus is one of the best ways to get Prayer experience before you have access to a gilded altar. You can buy buckets of slime from a Trader Crewmember in Port Khazard, and pots from Toothy in the Lovakengj House. However, obtaining bonemeal without using the daily rewards of the Morytania Diary (medium or higher) is a very slow process, so it is recommended to train Prayer this way only at lower levels.

Get all your experience for 70 Prayer through Slayer. It is not worth the time to melee blue dragons in the Taverley Dungeon at lower levels, as they are significantly slower to kill than green dragons. You should be around 82-85 Slayer when you have enough bones and ensouled heads for 70 Prayer.

Blue dragon.png

At higher levels, kill blue dragons in the Taverley Dungeon with a toxic blowpipe for dragon bones. It is usually not worthwhile to bank the hides, as this significantly shortens the trips and you can't use a looting bag for extra storage. After completion of Dragon Slayer II however, killing green and blue dragons in the Myths' Guild basement becomes a better option. Kill the 2 green dragons that spawn there and kill blue dragons while waiting for the green dragons to respawn.

When offering the bones at a gilded altar, go to a PvP world and use the bank chest near Camelot Castle for fast banking.

Ultimate ironman chat badge.png For Ultimate Ironmen, currently the best method for Prayer training at higher levels is to play the Pest Control minigame and spend the commendation points on Prayer experience.


Completing Shadow of the Storm and Horror from the Deep will grant a total of 14,662.5 experience, elevating a level 1 Ranged to 30 without doing any actual training.

Lower levels are best trained with a Dorgeshuun crossbow, which uses cheap and easily obtainable bone bolts. Train low-level Slayer and do Pest Control (for Void Knight equipment) with Ranged for early experience. Killing sand/ammonite crabs is a viable alternative if you wish to melee lower Slayer levels. Killing Twisted Banshees is also an option if you wish to make money and get pure essence for Runecrafting training.

Black dragonhide armour can be obtained from completing hard clue scrolls. If you wish to get ranger boots, do every medium clue you get from Slayer and skilling, and hunt eclectic implings if need to.

A rune crossbow is uncommonly dropped by the Crazy archaeologist and Skeletal Wyverns (unstrung). Another way to get hold of one is to kill iron or steel dragons, which drop runite limbs fairly commonly.

At higher levels, the most efficient way to train Ranged by far is to hunt red or black chinchompas and throw them at maniacal monkeys in Kruk's Dungeon on Ape Atoll. Alternatively, you can train Slayer using a rune crossbow and broad bolts, but this is slower than using melee due to the lower damage per second of the crossbow, and offers far worse experience rates than throwing chinchompas. Once you have a high enough Ranged level to kill Zulrah, kill Zulrah for a toxic blowpipe and get the rest of your experience from blowpiping Slayer tasks and killing green dragons and/or Vorkath for Prayer.

Ultimate ironman chat badge.png Blessed d'hide boots and ranger boots can be stored in your POH.


Completing medium, hard and elite tasks of the Ardougne Diary will allow you to collect 100, 150 and 250 noted pure essence from Wizard Cromperty each day respectively.

One of the best ways to obtain pure essence is through Slayer, as gargoyles and Skeletal Wyverns frequently drop noted essence. High-level players can also obtain pure essence from Zulrah or the Chambers of Xeric.

If you wish to obtain pure essence before you are able to do methods mentioned above, the fastest way to get essence is to do Temple Trekking. Using Route Three with a medium or hard companion will get you around 5,000 - 7,000 pure essence per hour depending on your combat level.

Crafting lava runes is the fastest way to train Runecrafting and it offers a high experience per essence. However, this method is only viable with having access to the spell Magic Imbue. It also requires a lot of emeralds for making binding necklaces and rings of dueling, and the lava runes you get from this method can be considered useless.

A slower alternative to crafting lava runes is to craft runes at the Ourania Altar. This method offers the highest experience per essence at higher levels and the runes you get from it are far more useful than lava runes. Use the least useful runes (such as mind runes from Barrows) for payments for banking.

Craft cosmic runes if you wish to get a mass amount runes for charging unpowered orbs.

You may switch to crafting blood runes at level 77 or soul runes at level 90, as they offer good experience rates and don't require you to obtain pure essence at all. Sell the runes to Ali Morrisane for money or save them for casting barrage spells.

Ultimate ironman chat badge.png Kill monsters that frequently drop noted pure essence, such as gargoyles or Skeletal Wyverns. Alternatively, you can do Temple Trekking to obtain the essence, however this is an instanced activity so if you die, you will not be able to retrieve any of your lost items. Clear as much inventory space to maximise training speed. If you are storing your items by purposefully dying to Zulrah, it is recommended to train Runecrafting only in a completely safe manner such as crafting blood or soul runes.


Main article: Slayer training/Iron Man


Using the Blast Furnace is the most efficient way to smelt your ores into bars, since it requires only half of the coal and is significantly faster than using a normal furnace.

At lower levels, buy iron ore from Ordan, smelt them into bars in the Blast Furnace and smith them into dart tips for early Fletching training. You can use the darts for early Ranged training, or save them for luring monsters when doing bursting/barraging Slayer tasks. After you have around 50-55 Fletching from the iron darts, buy gold ore from Ordan and smelt them into gold bars (while wearing goldsmith gauntlets) in the Blast Furnace.

Training Mining in the Motherlode Mine is a great way to obtain the ores up from coal for smelting the bars; additionally, you can purchase a coal bag with the golden nuggets.

Smith the bars you get from monster drops into armour pieces such as platebodies, and alch them. If you have a toxic blowpipe, save some bars for making dart tips.


Trained as normal. If you plan to do Wintertodt at 10 Hitpoints, steal cakes until you have a sufficient amount of them.

After completing Death to the Dorgeshuun you will get access to the H.A.M. Store room, where you are able to pickpocket the guards for keys, which are used to open chests for jewellery. This is a decent way to make money at lower levels, and a good way to get an amulet of power without the Crafting requirement. Wearing a full set of H.A.M. robes helps reduce the chance of failure when pickpocketing the guards.

Hardcore ironman chat badge.png Hardcore Ironmen should wear a ring of life when blackjacking in case they disconnect after failing a knock-out.

Pickpocketing gems from the TzHaar-Hur in Mor Ul Rek is the most efficient method should you plan to train Thieving past level 99. Doing so yields up to 250,000 experience an hour, while also banking up to 60,000 Crafting experience an hour.


Trained as normal. However, you will need logs for making planks to train Construction, so it is beneficial to cut oak trees at lower levels. Around 15,000 oak logs are required for 75 Construction for the gilded altar. At higher levels, cut teak trees at Ape Atoll if you plan to train Construction.

The only challenging part is obtaining the axes you need when reaching the next milestone. Players who have access to the fairy rings can use code bkq and safespot tree spirits for axe drops up to and including rune. Alternatively, players can use a steel axe until level 60 Woodcutting and then purchase a rune axe from the Woodcutting Guild, assuming they have at least 75% favour with the Hosidius House. A dragon axe can only be obtained as a rare drop from one of the Dagannoth Kings, or as a very rare reward from a Wintertodt supply crate.

Money making

Low requirements

Keep in mind that you make more money high alching most items, so a good short term goal to aim for as a new account is 55 magic for high alchemy. General money-making methods involve typical skilling (particularly fletching and woodcutting), combat and Slayer, Managing Miscellania, and selling various items to shops.

Method Requirements Category Members Description
Gathering steel platebodies Food Collecting No The Lava Maze is located in level 40-45 wilderness and contains a steel platebody and staff of earth spawn. This method is widely known by most ironmen and is often camped out by them along with player killers. The steel platebodies can then be sold to general stores for 800gp, to Horvik's shop in Varrock for 1,200gp, or high alched for 1,200gp.
Fletching willow shortbows

35+ Fletching, 30+ Woodcutting, 10 Crafting

Skilling Yes Fletching and Woodcutting are skills that are both level fairly fast, very afkable, quite useful, and are required several times through quests. A way to produce some decent money is by fletching the available bow pertaining to your levels and fully crafting complete bows. Afterwards, any bows created can be high alchemised or sold to general stores.
Stealing from Ham storerooms 20 Thieving, Food, completed at least half of Death to the Dorgeshuun Skilling Yes After completing half of Death to the Dorgeshuun, players have access to the H.A.M. storerooms. There, you are able to pickpocket guards that commonly give you keys to chests which give fairly good jewellery. Bank or high alchemise the loot you receive and make sure to save some of the emerald rings and sapphire necklaces for personal use. This is considered the best low level method for ironmen and is highly recommended.

(wearing full H.A.M. robes helps reduce the chance of being kicked out when in the H.A.M. Hideout, but you will never be kicked out in the storeroom area so Rogue's equipment is recommended to potentially double the rate of keys).

Silk 20 Thieving Skilling Yes At 20 Thieving you are able to steal Silk from the stalls in the Ardougne market. After waiting 10-30 minutes, you are able to sell the stolen silk to the Silk merchant (located in the market) for 60 gp each.
Agility Pyramid 30 Agility

(70+ Recommended)

Minigame Yes The Agility Pyramid can be unlocked at 30 Agility, although, 70 is recommended as you will hardly fail any obstacles. In optimal conditions, you can make 200k gp/hr using this method.

Medium requirements

Method Requirements Category Members Description
Ecumenical keys 60 Agility or 60 Strength, 55 Magic and Nature runes,

Monk robe and Unholy symbol and Ranged/Magic combat equipment

Combat Yes Enter the GWD through the Wilderness entrance north of the Bandit Camp.

With lvl 60 Agility walk south and enter the main room now run north to the Zamorak zone safe space. Do the same for lvl 60 Strength but entering to the north then running south towards the same spot.

Now either range or mage the low level imps located here until they drop Ecumenical keys, but do not alch them while you are in the wilderness, so you keep them in case of death. Once you've obtained 2, leave and high alch the keys, and bank the coins.

You can only have 3 keys total at any time and their droprate decreases with each key found, 2 is the best number to obtain before leaving.

Crafting battlestaves 54, 58, 62, or 66 Crafting and 56, 60, 63, or 66 Magic Skilling Yes Craft battlestaves and high alch for profit. Efficient crafting involves either numerous and high requirements (see below, Fire battlestaves) or risking being attacked by PKers in the Wilderness. You can obtain orbs via glassblowing or Wyverns, and battlestaves from Baba Yaga, the Wizards' Guild, and the daily barrel near Zaff after completing Varrock task sets. Beware if crafting Air or Earth
Slayer Combat level 80+, 50+ Slayer Combat Yes Slayer is the sole way to upgrade some of the best-in-slot items, and making loads of money in the process, and at a certain point becomes something you must do if you ever want to get any key worthwhile items such as an Abyssal whip or Dragon boots. Money-making from slayer is extremely variable as some slayer monsters, such as Kurasks and Brutal black dragons, can be extremely useful, while others such as Elves and Zygomites can be nearly worthless.

High requirements

Method Requirements Category Members Description
Blackjacking Menaphite Thugs 65 Thieving (80+ recommended), completion of The Feud, partial completion of Rogue Trader minigame, Rogue equipment Skilling Yes Lure a Menaphite Thug to a building so that any other Menaphite Thugs can't see him. Right-click 'Knock-out' option and pickpocket the unconscious thug twice. Sometimes the knocking out can fail, and the Menaphite Thug will start attacking you. You can stop this attack with correct timing by pickpocketing (or attempting to knock out again) them at any time between their first and second attack (exactly 2.4 seconds between attacks).
Pickpocketing Ardougne knights 55 Thieving (95+ strongly recommended), completion of medium tasks of the Ardougne Diary, Rogue equipment Skilling Yes Lure a knight to the north-eastern building of Ardougne market square. Zoom in the camera so that you can spam-click the same spot even if the knight moves. At level 95 Thieving and after completing medium tasks of the Ardougne Diary you will stop failing to pickpocket the knight, meaning that you can pickpocket him endlessly.
Efficient Fire orbs for Fire battlestaves Ideally 80 Agility (70 is also good, 63 is mediocre, below that is not feasible for efficiency) 62 Crafting, 63 Magic, 43 Prayer or decent defence and hitpoints, the Castle Wars balloon unlocked, and completion of Lunar Diplomacy or 66 Magic for access to battlestaves on-demand over the daily supply from the Varrock tasks. Obtaining Cosmic runes may also prove difficult or tedious, as they are not sold in any shops except for the Mage Bank, and the Mage Bank only stocks 20 at a time. If crafting your own cosmic runes without the Abyss, you would ideally have 66 Agility and a Quest point cape for efficient trips, with 59 Runecrafting for double runes. Skilling Yes With all the requirements, this is an excellent way to make massive amounts of money and train Crafting, with decent Magic experience as well. With all the requirements, this is also faster than Air orbs, and is of course not in the Wilderness, so is viable for Hardcore Ironmen. Begin at Castle Wars wearing full graceful, a fire staff, ring of dueling, and anti-dragon shield. Bring cosmic runes, a set of normal logs, an antipoison, and fill the rest of your inventory with unpowered orbs. If you have lower than 70 Agility, bring a Dusty key. Take the balloon to Taverley, make your way to the Fire Obelisk (80 Agility makes this fastest, 70 Agility is also viable, lower makes this very tedious), charge your orbs, then teleport back to Castle Wars to repeat the process. With lower than 80 Agility, this is very run-intensive, so you could have something to do in your bank (such as fletching) while waiting for run to restore. Battlestaves can be bought for about 7,000 coins (7k exactly from Zaff's daily) and the finished Fire battlestaves can be alched for 9,300 coins.
Crafting blood runes 77 Runecrafting and high (75+) Agility, Graceful outfit Skilling Yes Using any pickaxe and a chisel, mine dense essence, venerate them, run to the Blood Altar, and repeat. One run returns 212 blood runes, which the player can sell to Ali Morrisane for 200 gp each. The player can expect 330,000 gp and 38,000 xp per hour with optimised runs.


Keep in mind that the higher your Agility level gets, the longer you will be able to run.

When you first begin your Iron Man account, your access to transportation is very limited making time spent travelling very high. It is best to try to obtain as many methods of travel as early on as possible in order to minimise the time you spend walking around during the time spent on your account. Considering all of the various available methods, you don't even need to level magic to be able to travel to all of the same locations; many of which are listed below.

  • Wilderness teleport obelisks
  • Dorgesh-Kaan - Keldagrim Train System
  • Grand seed pod
  • Abyss - By travelling to a specific Runecrafting altar then exiting via the portal
  • Tactical death to Lumbridge or Falador
  • Shantay can be threatened, and through some conversation options, the player can quickly end up in Port Sarim as a form of transportation which is useful at early levels before completion of Ratcatchers.