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[[File:Iron trimmed set (lg) equipped.png|thumb|160px|A player wearing a set of trimmed iron armour.]]
#REDIRECT[[Twisted bow]]
'''Iron trimmed armour''' is a possible reward from Level 1 [[Treasure Trail]]. The set has identical stats to [[Iron armour]]. The armour pieces cannot be made via the [[Smithing]] skill.
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!Exchange price
|{{plinkp|Iron full helm (t)}}
|[[Iron full helm (t)]]
|{{GEPrice|Iron full helm (t)}}
|{{plinkp|Iron platebody (t)}}
|[[Iron platebody (t)]]
|{{GEPrice|Iron platebody (t)}}
|{{plinkp|Iron platelegs (t)}}
|[[Iron platelegs (t)]]
|{{GEPrice|Iron platelegs (t)}}
|{{plinkp|Iron plateskirt (t)}}
|[[Iron plateskirt (t)]]
|{{GEPrice|Iron plateskirt (t)}}
|{{plinkp|Iron kiteshield (t)}}
|[[Iron kiteshield (t)]]
|{{GEPrice|Iron kiteshield (t)}}
==See also==
* [[Iron gold-trimmed armour]]
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