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Isafdar Lletya
Poison Waste

Isafdar is the elven forest. It is the largest part of the region Tirannwn.

Isafdar is located on the very western edge of the continent of Runescape. It is in Elven Lands, and is one of only four locations that they control at the time.

Isafdar is located just west of Lletya, and south of Prifddinas, the Elven City. It is reachable by the Underground Pass to the east, by Arandar to the northeast, as well as the Ports west of the forest.


Isafdar map

A map of Agility traps around the elven lands of Isafdar

Isafdar is blanketed with traps, from poison crossbows to pitfalls with spikes. If you are travelling through Isafdar, make sure that you thouroughly check where you're walking or you risk dying. The recommended Agility level to pass traps is 46 or higher.

In addition to the traps, the forest is scattered with dire wolves, and grizzly bears. The dire wolves are usually found on the eastern and southern outskirts of the forest, and the bears usually travel in groups.

Towards the poison wastes, you can find White berries, which are used for defence potions and super defence potions. Farther in the wastes, there is swamp tar and a few scattered trees, though you risk being poisoned if you stay for more than a short while.

The fishing spots in the rivers of the forest contain fly fishing fish. At a spot at the southeast of the forest there are some yew and magic trees, and a mine with mithril and adamantite rocks. At the northern edge of the river, along the ocean, there is also a fishing spot where players can big net fish and harpoon for sharks.

Towards the northwest of Isafdar there is a small elf camp, which has a handful of elves and a Spinning wheel.

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