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{{Infobox non-player character
|name = Ish the Navigator
|image = [[File:Ish the Navigator.png|250px]]
|race = [[Human]]
|release = 8 September [[2016]]
|update = The Wintertodt
|members = Yes
|quest = No
|location = [[Wintertodt Camp]]
|shop = No
|gender = Male
|examine = A keen navigator and conspiracy theorist.
|map = [[File:Captain Kalt location.png]]
[[File:Ish the Navigator chathead.png|left]]
'''Ish the Navigator''' is a navigator of the [[Piscarilius House]]. He was sent by [[Lady Piscarilius]] to keep an eye on the situation up north, as she is distrustful of the other Houses.
Players can speak to him to learn about his theories on the [[Wintertodt]]. He believed it attacked [[Great Kourend]] for its [[Dark Altar]], which it wanted to consume for itself. He also believes the [[pyromancer]]s are not to be trusted, despite them being the only mages who can subdue the Wintertodt.
*'''Ish the Navigator''': Be on your guard friend.
*'''Player''': Tell me about the Wintertodt.
**'''Ish the Navigator''': The Wintertodt terrorised Great Kourend many centuries ago. It destroyed much of this northern land over many years before it was finally driven back into this prison.
**'''Player''': Why did it attack Kourend?
**'''Ish the Navigator''': No one knows for sure but I have a theory...
**'''Player''': Which is?
**'''Ish the Navigator''': The Dark Altar. It felt the Altar's power and wanted to consume it for itself. It wouldn't be the first time...
**'''Player''': Interesting...
*'''Player''': Tell me about yourself.
**'''Ish the Navigator''': I'm Ish, one of the navigators of the Piscarilius House.
**'''Player''': What brings a navigator up here?
**'''Ish the Navigator''': Lady Piscarilius has sent me to keep an eye on the situation. She doesn't trust the other houses and believes something sinister is going on here.
**'''Player''': Like what?
**'''Ish the Navigator''': I don't know, but I intend to find out.
*'''Player''': What do you think of the Pyromancers?
**'''Ish the Navigator''': I've heard stories about them and the things they have done over the years. Be careful of them, they can't be trusted.
**'''Player''': You seem a bit paranoid.
**'''Ish the Navigator''': Better to be paranoid than a fool. Anyone with any sense knows that the Pyromancers are trouble. They say even Lord Arceuus doesn't trust them.
*'''Player''': I have to go.
**'''Ish the Navigator''': Stay vigilant friend.

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