Rod of ivandis detail
Inaid coffin

The tomb of Ivandis.

Ivandis Seergaze was one of the Seven Priestly Warriors who fought against Lord Drakan.

They all died and were buried at Paterdomus, but rumours say that Ivandis was buried in a secret cave somewhere in Morytania. It is then found to be in an offshoot of the Myreque Hideout by removing the planks boarding up the entrance. His weapon was the rod of ivandis, made of sapphires, silver and mithril. The rod is blessed half by human magic and half by the holiness of the River Salve. Ivandis battled Drakan's creatures with his staff, and after trapping them with his staff, he would then use a Serum of Guthix.

Ancient Tome Text

As said in the Ancient Tome (not to be confused with the Ancient Book) obtained during the In Aid of the Myreque quest:

Ivandis Seergaze of Lumbridge - A deft and well skilled man of unusual appearance, he held a most bizarre control over some powerful minions of Drakan's horde. A rod or staff helped imbue him with such power. Then with the aide of a Guthix serum he would turn the vile entity, often times destroying the creature instantly or reverting it to an original incarnation or worst of all enraging it greatly, much to the chagrin of his holy brothers.


  • Ivandis is supposedly from Lumbridge although he lived centuries before the town was erected in 1937 of the Fourth Age.
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