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Old School Team

From left to right, back:
Mods Kieren, Sween, Mat K, Archie, Ghost, Jed, Stone, and Meadows (wearing a mask of West).
From left to right, middle:
Mods Ash, Wolf, Ed, and Roq.
From left to right, front:
Mods Ry, Ayiza, and Curse, with John C laying on the floor.

Jagex moderator gold crown
Jagex Moderators, also known as Staff Moderators, Jagex Mods, JMods, or admins, are employees working for Jagex Ltd. Jagex Moderator accounts are only used for work purposes such as play-testing, debugging, and dealing with in-game situations.

Jagex Moderators also have access to certain tools to aid in community events or quality assurance that players do not have access to, such as the rotten potato, egg, cabbage, and carrot. For security, employees can only login to a Jagex Moderator account while connected to a designated server. A selection of Moderators often appear on the weekly Old School RuneScape live stream where they discuss recent events, answer player-submitted questions, and show off upcoming updates.

Jagex Moderator accounts will always have a gold crown (Jagex moderator emblem) beside their name when talking in public and private game chat and a gold background when posting on the forums. Jagex Moderator usernames will always begin with "Mod" with the exception of Paul, Ian, and Andrew, the creators of RuneScape. Additionally, Jagex has also made it so that players' names cannot begin or have the word 'Mod' in their name to prevent confusion and potential scamming among players (i.e. Rule 5, which is Jagex staff impersonation).

Old School RuneScape Jagex Moderators

Name Image Title Official Twitter account
Mod Archie Mod Archie Video Journalist
Mod Ash Mod Ash Principal Content Developer
Mod Ayiza Mod Ayiza Community Manager
Mod Curse Mod Curse QA Analyst
Mod Ed Mod Ed Content Developer
Mod Ghost Mod Ghost Senior Artist
Mod Jed Mod Jed Junior Content Developer
Mod John C Mod John C Producer
Mod Kieren Mod Kieren Senior Content Developer
Mod Lenny Placeholder Junior Content Developer
Mod Lottie Mod Lottie Game Analyst
Mod Mat K Mod Mat K Senior Product Manager
Mod Maz Placeholder Content Developer
Mod Roq Mod Roq QA Analyst
Mod Ry Mod Ry Junior Artist
Mod Stone Mod Stone Marketing Manager
Mod Sween Mod Sween Community Manager
Mod Weath Placeholder Anti Cheating Specialist
Mod West Mod West Junior Artist
Mod Wolf Mod Wolf QA Analyst

Former Jagex Moderators

Name Image Title Reason Twitter account
Mod Alfred Mod Alfred Artist Resigned
Mod Delta Mod Delta Content Developer Resigned
Ian Gower Mod Ian Gower Game Engine Developer Resigned[1]
Mod Krista Mod Krista Content Developer Returned to micro-transaction team for RuneScape 3
Mod Mary Day Mod Mary Day Junior QA Analyst Summer internship completed
Mod Merchant Mod Merchant Community Manager Resigned
Mod Reach Mod Reach Content Developer and Bug Abuse Lead Dismissed from employment[2]
Mod Ronan Mod Ronan Senior Community Manager Moved to Social Media & Video Marketing Manager for Jagex on 9 August 2017, then resigned on 16 March 2018.
Mod TomH Mod TomH Lead QA Analyst Resigned


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