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Jail guards are aggressive bandits found around the Draynor Village jail. They are level 26 and can be dangerous to low level players, especially in numbers. They wield a steel mace, leather body and leather gloves.


Despite having good accuracy and hitpoints, the jail guards have relatively low strength and defence. They are especially prone to slashing attacks. They can also be safespotted from behind the fences. However, when compared to other monsters such as barbarians and hobgoblins, training on jail guards is not as practical due to their lack of drops and slightly longer respawn times.


Jail guards are the bodyguards of Lady Keli, and they also guard Prince Ali in the Prince Ali Rescue quest.


  • Jail guards can be dangerous to low level players who walk by, as they spawn next to the road leading to Draynor Village and will attack without warning. Hardcore Ironmen should be particularly careful.
  • Players have the option to talk to Jail Guards. However due to their hostile nature the conversation is often cut short.
  • Player: Hi, Who are you guarding here? Jail Guard: I cant say. Its all very secretive. You should get out of here. I am not supposed to talk while I guard.
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