For the Fight Caves version, see TzTok-Jad.

JalTok-Jad is one of the monsters which can be found in the Inferno. It is a stronger version of TzTok-Jad, and similarly attacks in all three forms of combat where the player must use the appropriate protection prayers before the attack hits.

JalTok-Jads are encountered in the final waves of the Inferno, with the first appearing in wave 67. The JalTok-Jad encountered in this wave will have 5 Yt-HurKots healing it when it reaches half health.

In wave 68, 3 JalTok-Jads will appear and attack the player. Each JalTok-Jad will only have 3 Yt-HurKots to heal it.

JalTok-Jad will also appear in the fight against TzKal-Zuk on wave 69. During this fight, JalTok-Jad will spawn when TzKal-Zuk has 480 hitpoints remaining. JalTok-Jad's 3 healers during this final fight will always spawn to the north.


  • Rather than having unique healers of their own, the healers for JalTok-Jad are Yt-HurKots, who also serve as TzTok-Jad's healers.
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