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Jangerberry seed detail.png

Jangerberry seeds are seeds which can be planted and grown into a Jangerberry bush at level 48 Farming. The seed(s) must be planted in bush patches, and will produce Jangerberries when fully grown. It may be protected for 6 watermelons.

They are dropped by Ogres and other monsters such as Moss giants, Ice Warriors, Ice trolls, Hobgoblins, Earth warriors, Ankous, and Hill giants and can be pickpocketed from a Master Farmer and Martin the Master Gardener.

Farming info

Jangerberry seed
Farming level 48
Patch Bush
Seeds per 1 seed
Payment 6 watermelons
Time 160 min (8x20 min)
Crop Jangerberries
Planting 50.5
Checking 284.5
Harvesting 19