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Jatizso (pronounced "Yah-tizz-so") is one of the islands which make up the Fremennik Isles. It can be accessed by talking to Mord Gunnars (requires completion of The Fremennik Trials) on the northeasternmost pier in Rellekka. It is ruled over by King Gjuki Sorvott IV, aided by his chancellor, Thorkel Silkbeard. Jatizso is a dull, grey island, whose population is heavily overtaxed and seem generally unhappy.

The name "Jatizso" is a play on the phrase "yeah, 'tis so," contrasting its sister island's name, "Neitiznot," which is a play on the phrase "nay, 'tis not."

Jatizso's economy seems to revolve around mining, smithing, fishing and cooking, as its local resources are mainly ores and fish. The island has a number of resources useful to players:


  • The armour and weapons stores can be found in the same building, to the north of the island.
  • The fish stores can be found in the same building, north of the bank.
  • The yak store can only be accessed by paying the shop owner's taxes for her. It is located in the food hall.
  • The ore store can be found in the most southwestern building of the island.




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