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Jekyll and Hyde is a random event in which Dr Jekyll appears and urgently asks the player for help. If talked to, he requests an identified herb of the player. If the player has a herb in his or her inventory, he will take it and give them a potion, but if the player has no herbs he will give the player a Strength potion (2) before disappearing, saying he isn't safe with it.

Before the Optional Randoms & Goblins update, if ignored, Dr Jekyll would turn into Mr Hyde (level 14-159, depending on the player's Combat level) and attack the player with Melee. If killed, he would drop a potion, similar to if he was given a herb. However, sometimes he dropped an empty vial. Killing him could sometimes be more profitable than giving him a herb, as he could possibly drop a Super restore potion (4).

The list, which potion Dr Jekyll gave for the herb:

Dr Jekyll transforms

Dr Jekyll transforms into Mr Hyde.

Herb Potion
No herb Strength potion (2) 137
Guam leaf 20 Strength potion (4) 334 [1]
Marrentill 25 Antipoison (4) 171
Tarromin 178 Attack potion (4) 9 [1]
Harralander 663 Stat restore potion (4) 102
Ranarr weed 7,949 Energy potion (4) 386
Toadflax2,094 Defence potion (4) 253
Irit leaf 904 Agility potion (4) 250
Avantoe 1,857 Super attack potion (4) 213
Kwuarm 1,238 Super energy potion (4) 2,447
Snapdragon 9,981 Super strength potion (4)1,147
Cadantine 1,588 Super restore potion (4)12,493
Lantadyme 1,581 Super defence potion (4)599
Dwarf weed 611 Magic potion (4) 102
Torstol 7,640 Stamina potion (4) 5,529
Unidentified herb (will be ignored)
  1. 1.0 1.1 For Ranarr and above, the potion given is one level below the herb.


  • The event is a direct reference to the mystery novel Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson. It is about a doctor who created a potion, splitting himself into two distinct personalities. He existed as the kind, gentle Dr Jekyll, and the fearsome, malevolent Mr Hyde.
  • If a player were to receive this random event underwater, Jekyll would be wearing diving gear.

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