Jeremy Clerksin is a man attending Father Lawrence's service in the Varrock branch of the Church of Saradomin. He is asleep in one of the pews, put to sleep by Lawrence's lacklustre preachings, along with Martina Scorsby. He is also mentioned in the Varrock Census of the Fifth Age, year 160, 9 years prior to RuneScape's current events, listed as a "cart expert".


  • According to the Varrock Census, his profession is a "cart expert", a reference to similarly named Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson's profession of car expert. His examine info also makes a reference to the Top Gear presenter, alluding to the fact that the real life Jeremy Clarkson has driven many cars. His appearance is similar to Jeremy Clarkson's in the fact they both have balding heads. Also, in one episode of Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson actually did sleep in a church.
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