Not to be confused with Joe (jail).
Joe chathead

Harpoon Joe (called Joe in-game) is a barman who sells wine, 'rum', beer and stew in his Harpoon Joe's House of 'Rum' on Mos Le'Harmless. He is not very welcoming to patrons who do not wish to purchase anything from him, and asks them to "Stop takin' up me floor space".

His name comes from the fact he has a harpoon as his left hand. When asked how he got his harpoon hand, he will start telling a story about how he got attacked by an Albatross in a fierce storm. The player then stops him from finishing his story and inquires where he bought the harpoon hand itself and not how he got it. Joe then angrily tells the player that unless they hear his story, he is not going to tell them how he got it.

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