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Justiciar armour (pronounced "jus-TISH-er") is a set of armour requiring 75 Defence to equip. It can only be obtained as rare drops from the Theatre of Blood. It is the best armour in RuneScape to provide Melee and Ranged defence bonuses, as well as having a damage-reducing set effect. The justiciar armour also provides a significant amount of Prayer bonus.

When the full set of Justiciar armour is equipped, the player gains a set effect: all combat damage taken is reduced (except in PvP). The exact formula for the amount of damage reduced is , where bonus is the player's defence bonus for that particular style. For example, if an enemy was using a crush style attack, and the player has a crush defence bonus of +450, then 15% of the damage (450/3,000) is reduced. The set effect does stack with the elysian spirit shield's passive effect.

The armour can be stored in the armour case of a player-owned house costume room.

The set pieces count as Saradominist items in both the normal and Wilderness God Wars Dungeons.


Item Exchange price Total price
Justiciar faceguard.png Justiciar faceguard 33,456,611 65,826,355
Justiciar chestguard.png Justiciar chestguard 15,619,176
Justiciar legguards.png Justiciar legguards 16,750,568


Item Attack Bonuses Defence Bonuses Other
White dagger.png White scimitar.png White warhammer.png Magic icon.png Ranged icon.png White dagger.png White scimitar.png White warhammer.png Magic icon.png Ranged icon.png Strength icon.png Ranged Strength icon.png Magic Damage icon.png Prayer icon.png
Justiciar faceguard.png Justiciar faceguard 0 0 0 -6 -2 +60 +63 +59 -6 +67 0 0 0 +2
Justiciar chestguard.png Justiciar chestguard 0 0 0 -40 -20 +132 +130 +117 -16 +142 0 0 0 +4
Justiciar legguards.png Justiciar legguards 0 0 0 -31 -17 +95 +92 +93 -14 +102 0 0 0 +4
Totals 0 0 0 -77 -39 +287 +285 +269 -36 +311 0 0 0 +10


Justiciar armour design v1.png
Justiciar armour v2 work-in-progress.png
Justiciar armour work-in-progress.png
Justiciar armour poll designs.png
Justiciar Armour - A.png
Justiciar Armour - B.png


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